Annual Fleet Banquet and Awards Ceremony at South Beach YCOctober 28
Save the date! Details TBD.
Contact Person
Amy Guarnieri
Looking for a Ride or Crew
#180081180081 (Ricardo Lange)
I confirm attendance to the Big Awards, party of ONE (Oct 25 5:48 PM)
Boats Racing
#23777Laser (John H. Super)
#157862Amy G
one plate for me (Oct 14 2:27 PM)
#155477Will Lowe
One plate for me. (Oct 16 9:11 AM)
#1761Rolf & anne & shannon
#132889Emilio Castelli
Two people (Oct 18 6:36 AM)
#1159Matt Soldo
#1Pat Whitmarsh
#907David Byron
I'm eating (Oct 21 12:49 PM)
#1102Natasha & Andrew
Eating! (Oct 21 1:07 PM)
#0Tom Purdy
Boat ride to and from Tiburon available. (Oct 21 6:28 PM)
#741Sally & Adam
Both eating. (Oct 23 8:41 AM)
#740Al Sargent
One plate for me (Oct 23 9:51 AM)
#-8Greg Stemler
+1 (Oct 23 2:19 PM)
#88Kurt Wessels
One plate (Oct 24 7:38 AM)
#89Fred & Neal
#1248Eric, Steven and Dylan
+ 3 plates! (Oct 24 9:12 AM)
#173666Mike Bishop +1
#1765Little Miss Disappropriate (Dave and Marnie)
Will eat anything (Oct 24 9:51 AM)
#195948Team GU Energy (Ryan Nelson)
I will be there +1.5? (Oct 24 10:36 AM)
#171638Once Upon a Time in the Westerly (Nick Burke)
four plates (one vegetarian) (Oct 24 11:35 AM)
#1629Matthew/Avery/Pat/Scott K
4 dinners for us (Oct 24 1:40 PM)
#1157Adam & Guillemette (EATING - 2 plates)
One plate please (Oct 25 9:44 PM)
#202Fiorellino (Paul Crosby)
One only please (Oct 26 12:45 PM)
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