Team Race Tuesdays at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJune 21
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Boats Racing
#1203Holt & Jen
#474Nick & Avery
Team BGA - Nick/Avery, Holt/Jen, Kevin/Betsy (Jun 20 11:23 AM)
#560Rolf & Laura
hopefully we'll have Ken and Sarah out too (Jun 20 11:52 AM)
#641Ken & Rebecca
#7sarah & feeny
with rolf and ken (Jun 20 9:15 PM)
#1Ted & Jen
#566Jeff & Dope Canadian Crew
#1275Kevin & Anne
#2BDM & Gareth
Not sure if the sail # is correct (Jun 21 1:48 PM)
#740Strane Brew (Stephan)
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