Summer Series #1 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJune 7

First night of the summer series. The fleet laid flowers at the leeward mark after racing in memory of Jeff Knowles. Thanks to Kevin and Maddy for providing flowers for the ceremony in addition to the usual social chair contributions.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8
11651Sam & Taylor172(2)3(5)1(6)4(10)1(11)2(13)2(15)2 (17)
21203Dan & Claire181(1)2(3)2(5)2(7)3(10)3(13)1(14)4 (18)
31275Kevin & Maddy233(3)1(4)5(9)1(10)2(12)6(18)4(22)1 (23)
4740Kristin & Jessie264(4)4(8)3(11)3(14)5(19)1(20)3(23)3 (26)
51394Robert & Caitlin405(5)5(10)4(14)5(19)4(23)5(28)5(33)7 (40)
61051Lee & Rachel456(6)6(12)6(18)6(24)6(30)4(34)6(40)5 (45)
7203Anthony & Diana557(7)7(14)7(21)7(28)7(35)7(42)7(49)6(55)
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