2019 Svendsens's Thursday Night Series Entry Fee and Fleet Dues

The Svendsens's Thursday Night Series entry fee is $65 for each of the three series or $150 for the whole season. You can pay for the Thursday Night series via the TISC events website or on premises when you race.

Annual fleet dues are $20 - you can pay via check or Paypal. If paying via check please make the Thursday Night Series check payable to "Treasure Island Sailing Center" and make the Fleet 53 dues check payable to "Vanguard 15 Fleet 53." Send both checks to:

Ben Pedrick
655 5th St. Apt. 4
San Francisco, CA 94107

Please include your hull number in the note on the check.

Alternatively you can pay for each via the Paypal buttons below.

Fleet 53 Dues

Charter a V15

Date of charter

Years: 2006 (19 paid) 2007 (35 paid) 2013 (25 paid) 2014 (25 paid) 2015 (8 paid) 2016 (10 paid) 2017 (13 paid) 2018 (36 paid) 2019 (23 paid)

2019 dues paid

NumberMemberFleetThursday Night
1Bianca Dragoneyesno
2Taylor Burfieldyesno
3Amelia Quinnyesno
4Alexandra Courtisyesno
5Cecilia Strombeck yesno
6Diana Greeryesno
7Stewart Youngyesno
8Steve Klehayesno
9Michael Earleyesno
10Lisa Overtonyesno
11Matt Bernardyesno
12Rosanne Allenbaughyesno
13Laura DeFelicenono
14Mays Dickeyyesno
15Neha Bazajyesno
16Aly Bergeryesno
17Helen Lordyesno
18Ana Pia Slothoweryesno
20Catie Brysonyesno
21Lauren Rehbeinyesno
740Kristin Altreuteryesno
1371Ben Pedrickyesno
1651Sam Wheeleryesno
Total Paid230