Svendsen's Thursday Night #11 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJune 11

Lots of wind, lots of carnage. Sessions/Avery and Andrew/Maddy had a nice battle for first and second while the rest of tried to keep up.

Special thanks to Rebecca Beard and Dave for much needed crash boat help and to Pete from BVBC for running the races.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
11629Matthew Sessions & Avery Patton63(3)1(4)1(5)1(6)3 (9)
2492Andrew Watters & Maddie Eustis71(1)2(3)2(5)2(7)4 (11)
3511Jack and Gordon Porter122(2)3(5)4(9)3(12)1 (13)
4838Tom Allison and Greg Stemler184(4)4(8)3(11)7(18)10 (28)
55Steve & Amanda Kleha236(6)5(11)8(19)4(23)2 (25)
61177Garth Copenhaver & Elizabeth Anathan265(5)6(11)6(17)9(26)5 (31)
7631Chad Gray and Natasha Baker327(7)7(14)10(24)8(32)7 (39)
8899Rob Grant and Rebecca Hu3311(11)10(21)7(28)5(33)6 (39)
91159Matt Soldo & Jonas Kellner3612(12)8(20)5(25)11(36)11 (47)
10566Derek and Heather388(8)12(20)12(32)6(38)9 (47)
111157Adam Spiegel & Amy Guarnieri449(9)9(18)13(31)13(44)8 (52)
12630Dan Sunberg CAL BOAT4713(13)13(26)9(35)12(47)DNS (63)
131275ecEddie Conrad and Sarah Burks4814(14)11(25)13(38)10(48)12 (60)
14940Katy and JB5010(10)14(24)13(37)13(50)13 (63)
15838bDavid and Linda Strubbe5214(14)14(28)11(39)13 (52)
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