Clipper Cove Fall Championships at Treasure Island Sailing CenterOctober 20
Reminiscent of Thursday nights but a couple hours earlier / less light, we went for a 2:30 start with 6 races in the Cove, and we were debriefing by 6:00.

The afternoon began with a Northerly breeze that shifted a bit towards the West later in the day. The Northerly was tricky, becoming shiftier and shiftier closer to the weather mark often sailing in 0-5 knots with 30ยบ shifts; at the bottom of the course, there were gusts up towards 12 knots. The 12 knot gusts were rare, and the racing was mostly about finding power that you could keep pointed toward the mark!

The sailing was very fun with a lot of fleet mixing during the two lap cross-cove courses with a leeward gate.

Anyone up for another Saturday afternoon sometime?

PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6
11275Kevin Richards & Sarah McNaboe133(3)2(5)3(8)1(9)1(10)3 (13)
211Linda Stephan & Natasha Baker145(5)1(6)1(7)2(9)4(13)1 (14)
3826Melissa & Tom Purdy231(1)5(6)6(12)4(16)5(21)2 (23)
41134Tim Murphy & Nadia Strasser252(2)4(6)4(10)6(16)3(19)6 (25)
51016Steve Washington & Christina Beard267(7)3(10)2(12)3(15)7(22)4 (26)
61159Matt Soldo & Leanne Taylor274(4)6(10)5(15)5(20)2(22)5 (27)
794Cappy & Claire Pratt406(6)7(13)7(20)7(27)6(33)7 (40)
81394Gianpaolo & Austin488(8)8(16)8(24)8(32)8(40)8 (48)
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