Spring Series #4 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterMay 18
PRO John Super ran six races on a light air night, including our first crew race of the season to finish the evening. Eric and Taylor won the night, but it was light enough that Dan and Sam were both tough to catch sailing singlehanded - Dan for races 1 through 4, and Sam for races 5 and 6. Thanks to Chris and Katherine for social chairing!

For the crew race, the actual finish order was: 598, 1651, 1394, 1268, 1203, 1713, 1252. Sean (1268), Kristin A. (1203), Max (1713), and Katherine (1252) swapped in to drive that race and were scored ahead of the boats that chose not to switch positions. (See the SIs for crew race scoring rules.) By consent of the fleet after racing, Sam received average points because he had no crew in the boat for that race and therefore no option to switch.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6
1598Eric & Taylor131(1)1(2)2(4)2(6)2(8)5 (13)
21651Sam & Kristin A. (singlehanded races 5-6)15.63(3)3(6)3(9)3(12)1(13)RDG (13)
31203Dan singlehanded (& Kristin A. races 5-6)182(2)2(4)RAF(12)1(13)3(16)2 (18)
41394Rob & Kristin R.245(5)4(9)1(10)4(14)4(18)6 (24)
51268Mike & Sean274(4)6(10)4(14)7(21)5(26)1 (27)
61713Cory & Max346(6)7(13)6(19)5(24)7(31)3 (34)
71252Chris & Katherine347(7)5(12)5(17)6(23)6(29)4(33)
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