Thursday Night Fleet Racing #14 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterAugust 15
Racing starts at

6:30 sharp!

Get there a bit ahead of time and get your boat rigged and in the water. Unlike previous years, we'll have a person dedicated to run races and do scoring so there won't be waiting around wondering what's going on.

As well, there will be more organized social activities after sailing. Snacks, beer, and sodas will be available, and the social chair for the night (listed as the regatta contact) will choose and advertise a place beforehand so we can all make plans to meet later.
Prizes will also be awarded for overall scores from the entire series. Plans are for open and non-collegiate divisions. Sign up now so we know we have enough folks for that to make sense!

We'll have to pay to make this happen, but it is well worth it. There are 19 nights of Thursday sailing, and you can participate in all of them for $50 if you sign up before the first Thursday. Signing up means sending a check made payable to SF BAY V15 Fleet to:

SF Bay V15 Fleet
PMB #188
San Francisco, CA 94121

The rate goes up to $60 after April 18th. Each night is $10 by itself.
Contact Person
Boris Gutman
Looking for a Ride or Crew
Boats Racing
#945Brit Wanick (Jay Palace)
#1051Anika Leerssen (Alice Manard)
#731Avery (Matthew)
#1016Heather (Steve)
#944TBD (Will Graves)
#641Jordan Parker (Ken Turnbull)
#1174Shannon Ryan (Nigel Goddard)
#1177Kerim Baran (Joe Wells)
#1203Carlos Lenz (Holt Condon)
#936Julia (Justin)
#3Jenny (Zach)
#475mccarthy (deeds)
#492Kevin Earabino (Kara Forman)
#985CAM Geer (Mary Coleman)
#636Jonny Moseley (Rick Moseley)
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