Fleet Champs at Inverness Yacht ClubSeptember 27 - 28
My fellow v15 brethren, behold! A new fleet champion has been crowned! Sally Madsen and Adam Rothschild were our victors over the weekend (with pit support by Tom). Separated by 1 point, Sessions, Sessions Jr. and Jack took second. Avery and Maddy took a well earned third. See the full results here.

Saturday was a real honker of a day. Breeze built to around 20. (Lyzz shared data that recorded puffs of just below 30, but I'm skeptical.) We had cranked off 11 races when a few competitors told me their legs were about to fall off, and it looked like Pete Trachy was suffering from hypothermia. I took pity and called it a day.

Dinner on Saturday night was pleasant and civilized. Dinner topics ranged from the heyday of the Bradford Island Classic to a lengthy discussion of Michelob Ultra. The after party at the campsite got a little crazy. (e.g. I decided to put all the wood that Sessions brought on the fire, creating a flaming inferno of death.)** A true highlight was Drew, Sam's crew, which freestyled to guitars played by Adam, Kevin and some random dude from another campsite. (Was he French?) Drew, new to the world of sailing, took a single word, e.g. "downwind", and created an ad-lib song around it. He had the campsite in stitches.

Sunday presented the usual Inverness mystery breeze that challenges and indeed conquers race committees of smaller stature. There were significant oscillations that confounded some. There was an extraordinarily long anchor line off the race committee boat that snagged others. The Purdy's kicked a$$ for the day (how do they do that each year?), but the day belonged to Sally/Adam and Matt/Jack who competed until the very last race.

Boat loading was made easier by pitchers of margarita supplied by none other than the a$$ kickers themselves (Melissa/Tom Purdy). Real awards, kinda like the ones you used to get as a kid, were given to the victors.

Special thanks to Inverness Yacht Club and Shawn Kelly who endured my numerous emails. Sarah Deeds who towed the three boat trailer to Inverness. Sessions who brought the firewood which was, as you would expect, some of the highest quality firewood I have ever burned. Musical stylings were provided by Kevin Richards and Adam Rothschild. Drew, who, while not a sailor, should still be a part of the V15 family anyway. Nicholas Sessions who yelled to competitors "Free Beer!" at regular intervals and participated in the Race Committee's mandatory "share and bond" conversations. Kevin and Ben for conducting the three minute justice for the regatta's one and only protest. Kevin and Ben for throwing both parties out. And last but not least, my illustrious wife, the Lieutenant Principal Race Officer, Amanda Kleha for working diligently alongside me during this whole program and being eye candy for the weekend.

**No one died.

PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Race 11Race 12Race 13Race 14Race 15Race 16Race 17Race 18
1741Sally & Adam634(4)2(6)4(10)1(11)1(12)5(17)1(18)7(25)1(26)4(30)2(32)2(34)4(38)3(41)8(49)2(51)7(58)5 (63)
21629Matthew & Nicholas & Jack641(1)1(2)6(8)3(11)7(18)2(20)4(24)1(25)3(28)5(33)5(38)1(39)2(41)6(47)7(54)4(58)5(63)1 (64)
31275Avery & Maddy887(7)4(11)1(12)7(19)4(23)1(24)2(26)2(28)4(32)7(39)8(47)9(56)1(57)4(61)6(67)6(73)8(81)7 (88)
4475Sarah & John883(3)7(10)3(13)2(15)3(18)8(26)8(34)5(39)6(45)6(51)6(57)6(63)5(68)7(75)2(77)5(82)2(84)4 (88)
51371Ben & Neha945(5)5(10)8(18)8(26)2(28)4(32)3(35)DNS(49)DNS(63)1(64)3(67)5(72)6(78)2(80)4(84)5(89)3(92)2 (94)
61273Pete & Michele972(2)3(5)2(7)4(11)6(17)6(23)6(29)6(35)2(37)3(40)4(44)3(47)DSQ(61)5(66)9(75)7(82)9(91)6 (97)
71203Sam & Drew & Sarah13610(10)10(20)10(30)5(35)9(44)10(54)7(61)9(70)7(77)10(87)10(97)4(101)3(104)8(112)1(113)8(121)6(127)9 (136)
8121Lyzz & Stephanie & Kevin13811(11)8(19)7(26)9(35)10(45)7(52)11(63)3(66)10(76)8(84)DNS(98)7(105)7(112)9(121)5(126)1(127)1(128)10 (138)
91248Eric & Patrick1466(6)6(12)5(17)6(23)5(28)3(31)5(36)4(40)5(45)2(47)1(48)DNS(62)DNS(76)DNS(90)DNS(104)DNS(118)DNS(132)DNS (146)
10307Eric & Pete1769(9)9(18)9(27)10(37)8(45)9(54)9(63)10(73)9(82)9(91)7(98)10(108)10(118)11(129)12(141)11(152)12(164)12 (176)
111051Rachel & Lee1878(8)11(19)11(30)11(41)DNS(55)DNS(69)10(79)8(87)8(95)11(106)9(115)12(127)9(136)10(146)10(156)10(166)10(176)11 (187)
1282Melissa & Tom190DNS(14)DNS(28)DNS(42)DNS(56)DNS(70)DNS(84)DNS(98)DNS(112)DNS(126)DNS(140)DNS(154)8(162)DSQ(176)1(177)3(180)3(183)4(187)3 (190)
131174Joel & Jeff224DNS(14)DNS(28)DNS(42)DNS(56)DNS(70)DNS(84)DNS(98)DNS(112)DNS(126)DNS(140)DNS(154)11(165)8(173)12(185)11(196)9(205)11(216)8(224)
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