Santa Cruz Fall Regatta at Santa Cruz Yacht ClubOctober 5 - 6
If you like warm weather, lots of sunshine, and sailing in your bathing should have been at SCYC this weekend! 17 boats turned out for the regatta and we were able to get in 7 races in 8-12 knots. All four races on Saturday were won by different boats! The fun was capped off by a few cold ones and a BBQ at Jago and Laura Macleod's on Saturday night.

Special thanks go to Dave Wahle and the Santa Cruz Yacht Club for running/hosting the event. Next regatta is the StFYC Fall Dinghy in a few weeks (Oct. 26-27). Hope to see you all there!
PosBoatTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7
1Adamson131(1)3(4)3(7)2(9)1(10)1(11)2 (13)
2Sellers142(2)4(6)2(8)1(9)2(11)2(13)1 (14)
3Thirumalai256(6)2(8)1(9)4(13)4(17)3(20)5 (25)
4S.Deeds353(3)1(4)4(8)3(11)8(19)8(27)8 (35)
5Macleod437(7)6(13)9(22)8(30)3(33)6(39)4 (43)
6Forman469(9)7(16)6(22)7(29)6(35)4(39)7 (46)
7H.Condon528(8)5(13)8(21)10(31)5(36)7(43)9 (52)
8Byron6110(10)12(22)10(32)11(43)10(53)5(58)3 (61)
9Evans614(4)8(12)7(19)6(25)7(32)12(44)17 (61)
10Wharton635(5)10(15)11(26)9(35)9(44)13(57)6 (63)
11Barba7011(11)9(20)5(25)5(30)15(45)14(59)11 (70)
12Washington7913(13)11(24)12(36)12(48)11(59)10(69)10 (79)
13Helen9516(16)15(31)15(46)14(60)14(74)8(82)13 (95)
14Barker9516(16)13(29)12(41)15(56)12(68)15(83)12 (95)
15Shaw9915(15)14(29)14(43)13(56)13(69)16(85)14 (99)
16Wilson11017(17)16(33)17(50)17(67)17(84)11(95)15 (110)
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