High Sierra Regatta at Huntington Lake, Fresno Yacht ClubJuly 6 - 7
Looking for a Ride or Crew
#946Michael and Iris
Boats Racing
#1717Moe (Dean Fulton)
16 boats in 2012! Maybe even more this year?... (May 3 5:03 PM)
#984What Happened (Scott Olson)
#941Strait Away (Gus S. Carrell)
Looking for another great year sailing on Huntington Lake!!! (May 3 5:38 PM)
#1393Side Effects (Chris Klein)
Gonna know where the weather mark is before the first race! (May 3 5:40 PM)
#121Graceland (Sam and Lyzz)
#1260Cygnus (Marcel Sloane)
I'm in! (Jun 4 6:23 PM)
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