TISC Regatta (formerly Ski/Sail National Championships) at Treasure Island Sailing CenterApril 13
Ski/Sail was scheduled for this weekend, but unfortunately was cancelled due to not enough V-15s and Lasers able to attend. Sad news! However, in its place, some of us Ski/Sailors organized a low-key local regatta at TISC -- minus the skiing.

It turned out to be a beautiful day in Clipper Cove! Perfect combo of breeze (10-15 most of the day) and sunshine.

These are the fleet race scores, but we also did a bunch of team racing in the afternoon.

Thanks for the great racing and BBQ!

Note: Race 2 was abandoned after a 90 wind shift from the south to the west.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7
11629Avery Patton & Natasha Baker174(4)5(9)1(10)3(13)1(14)2(16)1 (17)
2741Sally Madsen & Adam Rothschild203(3)3(6)2(8)7(15)2(17)1(18)2 (20)
31005Steve Kleha & Maggie221(1)2(3)5(8)1(9)3(12)3(15)7 (22)
41203Dan Altreuter & David Byron338(8)8(16)3(19)2(21)5(26)4(30)3 (33)
51157Adam Spiegel & Kara Wilcox356(6)1(7)4(11)6(17)7(24)6(30)5 (35)
6694Dan Slate & Emily Shaw385(5)4(9)6(15)8(23)6(29)5(34)4 (38)
71Sam Wheeler & Lyzz Schwegler392(2)7(9)8(17)5(22)4(26)7(33)6 (39)
81035Mat Peyron & Maylis477(7)6(13)7(20)4(24)8(32)8(40)7(47)
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