Svendsen's Super Thursday #3 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterSeptember 13
A great ending to our 2012 season! 16 boats, with winds around 8-10 knots, and rockstar race committee Dan Loman knocked out four back-to-back races despite just an hour between our first start and sunset.

Alex and Michele put together an outstanding night against a solid field with scores of 2,4,3 and 1. His last bullet was especially impressive since he sailed from a deep 12th place to first on the downwind leg. Cole and Rebecca were just one point behind in second, with Rolf in third. Next were Tom and Melissa showing they haven't lost any Vanguard-fu despite not coming out much this year, followed by Avery and Matthew (happy to be back to doing a real sport and not that sissy Ironman thing).

Thanks to Sean Svendsen for the sponshor, providing the keg and plenty of free gifts; our army of social chairs -- Amanda, Noe, Michelle, Greg, Paul, Jordan, Rebecca, and Cole (hope I got everyone) -- for yummy pizza, cobbler, and much more; and to persons who shall remain nameless for the introduction to the V15 and collegiate sailing tradition of keg stands.

Great season everyone... looking forward to a great turnout at fleet champs and seeing all of you at our fleet dinner (details to come).
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
1694Alexander Symes & Michele Sumpton102(2)4(6)3(9)1 (10)
21371Cole Hatton & Rebecca Beard113(3)2(5)1(6)5 (11)
31761Rolf Kaiser & Jordan Paxhia151(1)6(7)2(9)6 (15)
4826Melissa & Tom Purdy199(9)1(10)7(17)2 (19)
51629Matthew Session & Avery Patton217(7)7(14)4(18)3 (21)
6740Al Sargent & Carrie Pfeil246(6)3(9)5(14)10 (24)
7631Chad Gray & Natasha Baker254(4)8(12)6(18)7 (25)
81134Tim and Lisa Murphy265(5)5(10)8(18)8 (26)
9694Alexander Symes & Michele Sumpton328(8)10(18)10(28)4 (32)
101248Eric Raffini & Dylan Barlow4010(10)9(19)12(31)9 (40)
111035Mat Peyron & Cindy4715(15)11(26)9(35)12 (47)
121275Kara Wilcox & Neha Bazaj4811(11)13(24)11(35)13 (48)
131102Amanda and Noe5313(13)12(25)14(39)14 (53)
141203Matt and Jenny5314(14)15(29)13(42)11 (53)
15202Greg Otoole & Paul Crosby5712(12)14(26)15(41)16 (57)
161Sam Wheeler & Lyzz Wheeler6316(16)16(32)16(48)15 (63)
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