Svendsen's Super Thursday #2 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterAugust 2
Thanks to Svendsen's for sponsoring this evening's races, which were held on a pretty standard TI night: breeze around 12 knots for the first few races, with the wind machine winding down, as usual, on the last beat of the last race, making for a bit of nailbiter. The last race was also interesting since the Lasers and Vanguards mixed it up on the upwind leg -- the Lasers sailing their second lap, and the Vanguards their first.

Great job to today's race committee for getting the races started close to 6:30, and for banging out races in short succession, as well as to social chairs Jack and Gordon for the yummy kabobs.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
1740Al Sargent & Rachel Maxson112(2)2(4)5(9)1(10)1 (11)
21761Rolf Kaiser & Jordan Paxhia143(3)1(4)1(5)7(12)2 (14)
3511Jack Porter & Gordon Porter171(1)3(4)2(6)8(14)3 (17)
41005Steve Kleha & Emily217(7)4(11)3(14)3(17)4 (21)
51203Rusty Canada & Claire Hulse274(4)5(9)4(13)4(17)10 (27)
61248Eric Raffini & Dylan Barlow285(5)6(11)6(17)5(22)6 (28)
71134Tim and Lisa Murphy3811(11)7(18)9(27)6(33)5 (38)
86TISC instructors?3811(11)11(22)7(29)2(31)7 (38)
91035Mat Peyron & Jeff406(6)8(14)8(22)10(32)8 (40)
101275Kara Wilcox & Neha Bazaj4811(11)9(20)10(30)9(39)9 (48)
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