Svendsen's Thursday Night Series #13 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJune 28
Nice 10-14 knot breeze, but man we had some strange windshifts today... we saw puffs that would retreat rather than fill in across the course. Anyways, great jobs to:

- Matthew & Avery for staying consistent in crazy conditions.
- Ken and Shannon for social chairing.
- Jack and Gordon for some solid finishes -- would have had a good night except for some gear issues that caused them to drop out of race two, I think a halyard failure if memory serves.
- Harrison and Cindy for rejoining us after a long hiatus.

Please be sure to register so future social chairs know how much food to bring. And if you've never registered for the season -- I'm looking at you #630 -- please do so.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
11629Matthew Sessions & Avery Patton81(1)2(3)1(4)1(5)3 (8)
2740Al Sargent & Rachel Maxson22.54.5(4.5)5(9.5)4(13.5)5(18.5)4 (22.5)
31317Harrison Turner and Cindy246(6)1(7)6(13)4(17)7 (24)
4511Jack Porter & Gordon Porter244(4)14(18)2(20)2(22)2 (24)
51397Ken Turnbull & Shannon Ryan262(2)3(5)8(13)7(20)6 (26)
61203Daniel Altreuter & Claire Hulse327(7)6(13)3(16)6(22)10 (32)
71157Adam Spiegel & Danny Wudka32.56.5(6.5)12(18.5)10(28.5)3(31.5)1 (32.5)
81134Tim and Lisa Murphy333(3)4(7)12(19)9(28)5 (33)
91761Rolf Kaiser & Jordan Paxhia439(9)10(19)5(24)11(35)8 (43)
10630Six races & still not registered4613(13)7(20)7(27)8(35)11 (46)
111248Eric Raffini & Dylan Barlow485(5)9(14)11(25)10(35)13 (48)
121275Kara Wilcox & Neha Bazaj4911(11)8(19)9(28)12(40)9 (49)
13995Jonathan & Josh598(8)13(21)13(34)13(47)12 (59)
14202Greg Otoole & Paul Crosby6512(12)11(23)14(37)14(51)14 (65)
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