Svendsen's Thursday Night Series #12 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJune 21
Great turnout! 17 boats on the line. Goodjob to:

- Avery and Anne for sailing consistently, never finishing out of the top five.
- Steve Kleha who had a four races in the top three, even more impressive given that he was sailing without a functioning tiller extension!
- Ken and new dad Rolf for taking out some TISC juniors. (Yep, worst-to-first is factored into these scores.)
- Jackson Benvenutti, who I believe is a newcomer to our fleet, for putting up some good scores and winning a race.
- Jack and Gordon Porter for bulleting the last two races. They were scorching fast on the first beat of the last race.
- Last but not least, our social chairs Lyzz and Sam for providing some yummy pulled pork sandwiches.

Some of you still need to register: 1005, 6, and 1105. Please do so.

PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
11629Avery Patton & Anne173(3)3(6)4(10)2(12)5 (17)
2740Al Sargent & Rachel Maxson196(6)1(7)3(10)7(17)2 (19)
3631Chad Gray & Natasha Baker232(2)5(7)8(15)5(20)3 (23)
41005Steve Kleha & Amanda Kleha251(1)2(3)2(5)3(8)17 (25)
51157Adam Spiegel & Danny Wudka337(7)4(11)7(18)6(24)9 (33)
61203Jackson Benvenutti & Claire Hulse345(5)11(16)1(17)10(27)7 (34)
71397Ken Turnbull & TISC Junior3410(10)8(18)11(29)1(30)4 (34)
81761Rolf Kaiser & TISC junior341(1)6(7)12(19)9(28)6 (34)
96The unknown394(4)10(14)13(27)4(31)8 (39)
10511Jack Porter & Gordon Porter3915(15)16(31)6(37)1(38)1 (39)
111134Tim and Lisa Murphy439(9)7(16)9(25)8(33)10 (43)
121248Eric Raffini & Dylan Barlow448(8)9(17)5(22)11(33)11 (44)
13630Still not registered6311(11)13(24)14(38)13(51)12 (63)
14929Alexander Mountjoy & Cassidy Mountjoy7013(13)15(28)10(38)16(54)16 (70)
151105The unregistered7015(15)12(27)16(43)14(57)13 (70)
161177Mike Herbert & Allison7112(12)14(26)15(41)15(56)15 (71)
171275Kara Wilcox & Neha Bazaj7915(15)16(31)17(48)17(65)14 (79)
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