Svendsen's Thursday Night Series #10 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJune 7
Started out breezy, around 16 knots, then got more shifty and lighter as the sun went down. Luckily the fog hanging over the city never came our way. Great sailing by Matthew and Avery.

Thanks to those who filled in race committee today, namely Eric and Dan, to Matthew and Avery for compiling results, and thanks to Ryan in the Laser fleet who provided a classic healthy TI dinner of sausages, chips, and beer.

Under our new "Worst to First" program, people sailing with TISC juniors have their worst finish of the night converted to a first. For this night, Chad's 13th in race 3 was converted to a first, and Michael's 14th in race 4 was converted to a first.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
11629Matthew Sessions & Avery Patton125(5)2(7)2(9)1(10)2 (12)
2740Al Sargent & Rachel Maxson196(6)4(10)1(11)3(14)5 (19)
31005Steve Kleha & Amanda Kleha221(1)14(15)4(19)2(21)1 (22)
4641Ken Turnbull & Shannon Ryan252(2)8(10)7(17)4(21)4 (25)
51134Tim and Lisa Murphy327(7)5(12)6(18)7(25)7 (32)
6511Jack Porter & Gordon Porter338(8)6(14)8(22)5(27)6 (33)
7694Alexander Symes & Michele Sumpton344(4)7(11)10(21)10(31)3 (34)
8475Pete Trachy & Sarah Deeds3511(11)1(12)9(21)6(27)8 (35)
91203Daniel Altreuter & Anne Alward403(3)3(6)15(21)8(29)11 (40)
10907Dave Byron & Kara4212(12)9(21)3(24)9(33)9 (42)
11630?5310(10)11(21)14(35)8(43)10 (53)
121248Eric Raffini & Dylan Barlow5411(11)11(22)5(27)12(39)15 (54)
13631Chad Gray & Jordan (TISC Junior)579(9)10(19)1(20)13(33)12 (45)
140Michael Rivlin + TISC junior6413(13)12(25)12(37)1(38)13 (51)
151275Kara Wilcox & Neha Bazaj6914(14)13(27)11(38)15(53)16 (69)
161Sam Wheeler & Halie7015(15)14(29)16(45)11(56)14 (70)
171177Mike Herbert & Eleanor Bonifacio7815(15)14(29)16(45)16(61)17(78)
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