Svendsen's Thursday Night #21 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterAugust 18
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
1741Sally Madsen and Geoff McDonald195(5)1(6)8(14)3(17)2 (19)
2641Ken Turnbull and Shannon Ryan223(3)4(7)2(9)6(15)7 (22)
31761Rolf Kaiser and Anne Alward2510(10)2(12)5(17)2(19)6 (25)
4511Jack and Gordon Porter254(4)6(10)3(13)9(22)3 (25)
582Matt and Melissa Purdy309(9)9(18)6(24)5(29)1 (30)
6907Kara Forman and David Byron361(1)3(4)11(15)10(25)11 (36)
71203Dan Altreuter and Claire Hulse382(2)5(7)13(20)8(28)10 (38)
8631Chad Grey and Natasha Baker396(6)12(18)9(27)4(31)8 (39)
91629Matthew Sessions and Jonathan Bernbaum4017(17)17(34)1(35)1(36)4 (40)
101248Eric Raffini and Stacy417(7)7(14)10(24)12(36)5 (41)
11740Al Sargent and Ezra498(8)10(18)4(22)15(37)12 (49)
12475Sarah Deeds and Pete Trachy5311(11)11(22)7(29)7(36)17 (53)
13929Cassidy and Alex Mountjoy6114(14)8(22)16(38)14(52)9 (61)
141035Mat Peyron and Dylan6813(13)14(27)15(42)13(55)13 (68)
151134Tim and Lisa Murphy7217(17)13(30)14(44)11(55)17 (72)
16731Mark English and Ian Rogers7212(12)15(27)12(39)16(55)17(72)
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