Svendsen's Thursday Night #18 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJuly 28
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
11203Dan Altreuter and Avery Patton73(3)1(4)1(5)2 (7)
2641Ken Turnbull and Shannon Ryan115(5)2(7)3(10)1 (11)
31157Adam Spiegel and Amy Guarnieri141(1)3(4)7(11)3 (14)
4475Sarah Deeds and Pete Trachy162(2)5(7)5(12)4 (16)
5741Sally and Joanna Madsen254(4)4(8)8(16)9 (25)
61761Rolf Kaiser andAnne Alward266(6)8(14)4(18)8 (26)
7694Alex Symes and Darren2711(11)7(18)2(20)7 (27)
8511Jack and Gordon Porter287(7)6(13)9(22)6 (28)
91248Eric Raffini and Natasha Baker4110(10)9(19)10(29)12 (41)
101134Tim and Lisa Murphy459(9)19(28)6(34)11 (45)
11114513(13)10(23)12(35)10 (45)
121035Mat Peyron and JB Louvet4712(12)19(31)11(42)5 (47)
13631Tucker Willsie5717(17)13(30)13(43)14 (57)
1489Fred Konkel and Neal Homland5816(16)12(28)15(43)15 (58)
15946Jorge Moraleda and Jeff Mayhew598(8)19(27)19(46)13 (59)
16202Paul Crosby and Greg Otoole6614(14)19(33)14(47)19 (66)
17740Tom Dobroth and Greg Stemler6819(19)11(30)19(49)19 (68)
188Chris Evell and Andrew Kobylinski7215(15)19(34)19(53)19(72)
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