Svendsen's Thursday Night #14 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJune 30

PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
1641Ken Turnbull and Shannon194(4)1(5)2(7)7(14)5 (19)
2631Chad Grey and Natasha Baker191(1)5(6)6(12)4(16)3 (19)
3741Dan Altreuter and Adam Rothschild192(2)4(6)3(9)2(11)8 (19)
41Lyzz Schwegler and San Wheeler263(3)2(5)4(9)10(19)7 (26)
5475Sarah Deeds and John278(8)3(11)1(12)9(21)6 (27)
6740Al Sargent and Greg Stemler315(5)16(21)6(27)3(30)1 (31)
7694Alex Symes and Michelle Sumpton3210(10)10(20)9(29)1(30)2 (32)
81765David Wilson and Marnie Roach347(7)7(14)5(19)11(30)4 (34)
91761Rolf Kaiser and Claire Hulse354(4)7(11)8(19)6(25)10 (35)
101248Eric Raffini439(9)8(17)12(29)5(34)9 (43)
11929Cassidy and Alex Mountjoy456(6)9(15)10(25)8(33)12 (45)
121035Mat Peyron5013(13)6(19)7(26)13(39)11 (50)
13940Mike Stauss and Katy Weber5811(11)11(22)11(33)12(45)13 (58)
14492Oliver and Colin Meldrum6612(12)12(24)14(38)14(52)14 (66)
151016Andrew Myers and Charles Harper7214(14)13(27)13(40)16(56)16(72)
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