Svendsen's Thursday Night #9 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterMay 26
Classic windy westerly conditions.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
1641Ken Turnbull and Shannon72(2)3(5)1(6)1(7)
21761Rolf Kaiser and Ann Alward134(4)1(5)4(9)4(13)
3631Chad Grey and Natasha Baker175(5)6(11)3(14)3(17)
4740Al Sargent and Greg Stemler183(3)5(8)5(13)5(18)
5907Kara Forman and Dave Byron2012(12)4(16)2(18)2(20)
61248Eric Raffini211(1)2(3)9(12)9(21)
7694Alex Symes and Michelle Sumpton276(6)7(13)7(20)7(27)
81157Adam Spiegel and Amy Guarnieri3010(10)8(18)6(24)6(30)
9875Josh Goldberg and Sarah Adams348(8)10(18)8(26)8(34)
10946Jorge Moraleda and Jamie367(7)9(16)10(26)10(36)
11492Oliver and Colin Meldrum429(9)11(20)11(31)11(42)
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