Svendsen's Thursday Night #7 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterMay 12

Finally got some classic, sunny 8-12 knot San Francisco Bay conditions!
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
1945Steve and Amanda Kleha101(1)1(2)1(3)6(9)1 (10)
2740Al Sargent and Greg Stemler162(2)3(5)2(7)3(10)6 (16)
3694Alex Symes and Michelle203(3)2(5)7(12)4(16)4 (20)
41248Eric Raffini and Drew Myers234(4)7(11)5(16)5(21)2 (23)
51134Tim and Lisa Murphy2612(12)5(17)3(20)1(21)5 (26)
6475Sarah Deeds and Pete Trachy2912(12)4(16)4(20)2(22)7 (29)
71Lyzz Schwegler and Sam Wheeler3812(12)9(21)6(27)8(35)3 (38)
8946Jorge Moraleda and Jamie4112(12)6(18)8(26)7(33)8 (41)
989Fred and Oliver Konkel5012(12)11(23)9(32)9(41)9 (50)
10202Paul Crosby and Greg Otoole5212(12)10(22)10(32)10(42)10 (52)
11492Oliver and Colin Meldrum5412(12)8(20)11(31)11(42)12(54)
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