Svendsen's Thursday Night #5 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterApril 28

The evening started out very windy, maybe 20-25 knots, with whitecaps on clipper cove. There was some discussion around whether or not it was safe to go out. However, the wind died very quickly, so that by the time the first gun went off the breeze was a manageable 5-10 knots. There were some big auto-tack shifts which made for some interesting boathandling.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
1740Al Sargent and Greg Stemler122(2)6(8)3(11)1 (12)
2741Sally Madsen and Adam Rothschild123(3)1(4)5(9)3 (12)
31Lyzz Schwegler and Sam Wheeler144(4)4(8)1(9)5 (14)
41761Rolf Kaiser and Stacey175(5)8(13)2(15)2 (17)
5694Alex Symes and Michelle Sumpton181(1)3(4)6(10)8 (18)
6945Steve and Amanda Kleha247(7)2(9)4(13)11 (24)
753286(6)10(16)8(24)4 (28)
81248Eric Raffini and Brenden2810(10)5(15)7(22)6 (28)
9492Oliver and Colin Meldrum339(9)7(16)10(26)7 (33)
10946Jorge Moraleda and Jeff Mayhew358(8)9(17)9(26)9(35)
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