Vanguard 15 Fleet Annual Party at Bay View Boat ClubNovember 11
This event starts at 6:30pm. Potluck dinner. Sign up below!
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Amy Guarnieri
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#741Sally Madsen & Adam Rothschild
I will bring a dessert. (Oct 15 11:14 PM)
#907David Byron
#8Andrea and Andrew
#7Bond, James (Sean Svendsen)
I will be there to party with all you punks. (Oct 26 5:27 PM)
#826Waypoint (Purdy's)
Pizza Delivery by Boat (Nov 2 9:02 PM)
#560Oliver & Colin Meldrum
I will bring an appetizer. (Nov 8 5:02 PM)
Big salad (Nov 9 8:42 PM)
#89Fred & Neal
Dessert #2 (Nov 10 2:29 AM)
#10Amy G
ziti! maybe someone can grab some garlic bread? (Nov 10 3:41 PM)
#173666Mike Bishop
BBQ (Nov 10 9:10 PM)
#899Rob & Amanda
App — maybe cured meats and stinky cheese? (Nov 10 10:44 PM)
#155477Will Lowe
Still working on the fewd plan. (Nov 10 11:04 PM)
#7054Dan Altreuter
salad (Nov 11 1:49 AM)
BBQ (Nov 11 2:51 AM)
#1765LMD (Dave and Marnie)
#1629Matthew Sessions - Avery Patton
Pat is coming too, and we are bringing cheese and crackers (Nov 11 7:57 PM)
#1761Rolf & Anne
Rolf's got a dessert and Anne has a hot appetizer (Nov 11 7:58 PM)
#195948Laser (Ryan Nelson)
Garlic Bread (Nov 12 1:01 AM)
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