TISC Opening Day at Treasure Island Sailing CenterApril 28
TISC Opening Day

Showing the Way, Sharing the Bay…

Treasure Island Sailing Center
Opening Day on the Bay
Saturday, April 28, 2001
11:30am - 3:30pm
Everyone Welcome!

Come join us to support the TI Sailing Center. This is a perfect opportunity for you to get involved in making the future of TISC a reality (and have a great time doing it!).

Activities Include:

  • Vanguard 15 Exhibition Fleet and Team Racing!
  • BBQ Cookout/Party with music!
  • Fun team-based sailing event!

Learn About Our:

  • Community Outreach Sailing lessons
  • Competitive small boat sailing programs
  • Adaptive sailing program for physically challenged people
  • Vision for the future of Bay Sailing

Schedule of Events:

11:30am-3:30pmFree Sailboat rides
12:00pmCity Proclamation
12:30pmExpo Match Race
1:00pmExpo V15 Fleet Race
2:00pmExpo V15 Team Race
3:00pmExpo Windsurfing
4:00pm-?BBQ Cookout/Party and Fun V15 Team Race

As you can see, we plan on having V15 fleet and team racing from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. We hope that at least 10-12 (preferably 12 to make the team races even) boats will commit to sailing. We will start launching the boats at 11:00am, and need to have everyone in the water by 12:15 so the hoist area is clear for our guests to spectate. Don't worry, we will string the tie up line so your boats won't be banging into each other (same thing we did for the NA's and the PCC's last year). For those of you who are comfortable with the concept, we would like to take some of our guests out for a sail when the boats are idle. We hope that those of you who aren't entertaining people on the water or racing will volunteer to help out with the onshore activities.

Once the Opening Day guests have left for the day (probably around 4:00-4:30pm), we are planning on having a BBQ/Keg party that will probably go till around 11:00-12:00pm. Dave Byron, our resident fleet DJ, has graciously agreed to provide the tunes and it looks like the StFYC Fresh Crew will be bringing a crowd to enjoy the night with us. It should be a lot of fun and a good way for us all to kick off the year in memorable fashion. Depending on the motivation level, we may try and incorporate some kind of fun team based V15 sailing event to keep things lively. Those of you who have your own keelboats may want to bring them over and make it a sleepover as Clipper Cove is a fantastic mooring area. There will be a small per person charge to cover the beer and food expenses for the evening.

Please sign up for the day using the sign up form on this page.

Looking for a Ride or Crew
 Linda Fousek
Boats Racing
#474Nick Adamson
#687Jill Sellers (Scott Sellers)
#740Jay Palace (Doug Nugent)
#630Rachel Horsch (John Horsch)
#636mike h. (shane)
#1016Heather Washington (Steve Washington)
#731Avery Patton (Matthew Sessions)
#984Don Anair
#950John A. Meade
#1296Peter Stoneberg
#741Jill Waymire (Brandon Paine)
#875Elin Graham (John Bonds)

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