Pacific Coast Champs at Treasure Island Sailing CenterAugust 29 - 30
Beautiful weather and fair breezes saturday allowed for some extremely close racing on the cove. Even after a three times around the fleet was still extremely tight. There was a big geographic shift on the right side of the course that you could get in and ride all of the way up the seawall to the mark. Big thanks to Alan, Sue and Gianpaolo for running races.

Sunday we had another functional powerboat so we took it out onto the Emeryville flats. It started out at around 10 knots wind with medium waves and built up to 20+ and huge waves as the day went on. A lot of us were just hanging on during that final twice around. Thanks to Jeff, Gianpaolo, Veronica, and Cassandra Allison for doing a great job with the RC.

The top four were pretty tight, but Harrison earned the Pacific coast championship by sailing consistently on both days.

A special thanks to Gianpaolo Tommasi for making a special effort and organizing a great event.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Race 11Race 12
11317Harrison Turner and Jessica Barhydt/Kristin Maberry222(2)3(5)2(7)1(8)4(12)2(14)3(17)4(21)1(22)1(23)2(25)1 (26)
21629Jim Barkow/Rebecca Beard/Matt Sessions/Avery Patton297(7)1(8)OCS(19)3(22)1(23)1(24)1(25)2(27)4(31)4(35)3(38)2 (40)
3741Sally Madsen and Adam Rothschild335(5)2(7)1(8)4(12)3(15)3(18)4(22)1(23)2(25)5(30)5(35)3 (38)
483Tom Allison and Greg Stemler361(1)6(7)5(12)7(19)2(21)7(28)2(30)3(33)3(36)2(38)1(39)4 (43)
51376David Anthes and Veronica and Nadia Strasser658(8)10(18)4(22)9(31)8(39)6(45)5(50)6(56)5(61)3(64)6(70)5 (75)
6694Alex Symes and Chris Pine704(4)7(11)6(17)2(19)5(24)5(29)DNS(40)DNS(51)DNS(62)DNS(73)DNS(84)DNS (95)
71157Adam Spiegel and Amy726(6)4(10)7(17)5(22)6(28)4(32)DNS(43)DNS(54)DNS(65)DNS(76)DNS(87)DNS (98)
81134Tim and Lisa Murphy7210(10)8(18)8(26)6(32)7(39)DNF(50)6(56)5(61)6(67)6(73)4(77)6 (83)
9838David Strubbe and Linda Strubbe and ?869(9)9(18)9(27)10(37)9(46)8(54)7(61)7(68)7(75)7(82)7(89)7 (96)
101102Linda Stephan and Natasha Baker883(3)5(8)3(11)8(19)DNF(30)DNF(41)DNS(52)DNS(63)DNS(74)DNS(85)DNS(96)DNS(107)
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