Spring Team Race #3 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJune 14
Eight boats worth of team racers turned out for a beautiful, sunny day with breeze building to 10-12 knots. We did a 2-on-2 Random Pairs rotation, and races were approx. 7 minutes long around a starboard digital N course. Two complete round robins were sailed, with everyone partnering with each other 2x, and sailing against each other 2-6 times.

Close competition throughout and very few breakaway 1-2s, although a couple capsizes did get mixed in there. Thanks to John Super for his help on Race Committee, Mike Gross for Umpiring, and Andrew Watters for loaning out an extra motorboat. There was a healthy mix of Red, Green and Yellow flag umpire calls on the water.

Congrats to Andrew and Emma for winning overall with a 10-4 record. (And sorry for incorrectly announcing that you only had 9 wins when we got off the water...)

Post-race discussion focused on finding ways to build team racing in the bay area. Numerous ideas were considered, and many felt that organizing a clinic will be a great way to bring new team racers into the fold. There was clear consensus to continue the Sunday team race series at least 1x per month and to encourage new team racers to get involved.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Race 11Race 12Race 13Race 14Race 15Race 16Race 17Race 18Race 19Race 20Race 21Race 22Race 23Race 24Race 25Race 26Race 27Race 28
1492Andrew Watters & Emma Creighton10*1(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)1(2)*(2)1(3)0(3)*(3)1(4)*(4)1(5)*(5)1(6)*(6)1(7)*(7)1(8)*(8)1(9)*(9)1(10)* (10)
21275Tyler Haskell & Sarah Burks90*1(1)*(1)*(1)1(2)*(2)1(3)*(3)1(4)*(4)1(5)*(5)1(6)*(6)1(7)*(7)0(7)*(7)0(7)0(7)*(7)0(7)*(7)*(7)1(8)*(8)1 (9)
31761Rolf Kaiser / Wes Maclaggan / Dave Jackson9*0*1(1)*(1)1(2)*(2)1(3)1(4)*(4)1(5)*(5)(5)0(5)*(5)0(5)1(6)*(6)1(7)*(7)(7)1(8)*(8)1(9)*(9)0(9)*(9)0 (9)
41102Linda Stephan / Rolf Kaiser / Dave Jackson81(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)1(2)*(2)1(3)*(3)1(4)*(4)0(4)*(4)(4)1(5)*(5)1(6)*(6)0(6)*(6)0(6)*(6)1(7)*(7)1 (8)
5694Alex Symes & Sarah71(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)(1)1(2)*(2)1(3)0(3)*(3)0(3)*(3)(3)1(4)*(4)1(5)1(6)*(6)1(7)* (7)
61317Harrison Turner & Liz Anathan60*1(1)*(1)1(2)*(2)1(3)*(3)(3)0(3)*(3)0(3)1(4)*(4)0(4)*(4)0(4)*(4)0(4)*(4)1(5)*(5)1(6)*(6)(6)0(6)*(6)0 (6)
7566Derek Webster & Emilie Lincoln6*0*1(1)1(2)*(2)1(3)*(3)0(3)*(3)0(3)*(3)0(3)*(3)1(4)*(4)(4)1(5)*(5)1(6)0(6)*(6)0(6)*(6)0(6)*(6)0(6)* (6)
81157Adam Spiegal & Katy Weber1*1(1)*(1)0(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)
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