Svendsen's Thursday Night #9 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterMay 28
What's the best night of the year? Any Svendsen's Super Thursday!

Best thursday night ever. hands down.

windy, wipe outs, 5 races, planing the whole time, aggressive racing, college sailors, college crews, legs killing, at least 8 boats dumped it by end of the night, 2 kegs - which were finished, 110 grilled sausages, thumpin' tunes, college drinking games... epic.

Racing started out fast. pretty square line with starboard end lookin favored. The righty shift would fade off the line to a huge port shift that took up planing almost up to the mark for another quick right shift to finish off the leg. Downwind gybing and smokin the puffs low to the left gate seemed to work best. If you were light enough you could plane the whole way down... jealous.

Super threw in a modified course that got Adam S not paying attention - with a 10 boat lenght lead he sailed past the white gates and watched the whole fleet round and head up. Gotta pay attention to the squirrely Mr Super!

Post sailing, tapped the kegs, fired up the grills and heat lamps and Sean brought a ton of give-a-ways. Jib sheets. main sheet, gloves, hats, travel bag, board bag... Very very supportive of the fleet. After the college gang sang Sean a song and he downed a beer it was on to games till midnight.


PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
11234Jim & BUDS Crew92(2)4(6)1(7)1(8)1 (9)
2641Ken and Rebecca Beard144(4)1(5)2(7)5(12)2 (14)
3838Greg & BUDS Skipper3314(14)10(24)4(28)2(30)3 (33)
4492Andrew Watters & Emma Creighton3713(13)12(25)5(30)3(33)4 (37)
51314Phillip Laby & Jonas Kellner393(3)DNF(23)6(29)8(37)5 (42)
61157Adam Spiegel & Amy Guarnieri4212(12)3(15)3(18)17(35)7 (42)
7629??449(9)13(22)10(32)4(36)8 (44)
81227Sarah McNaboe & Kevin Kuhn455(5)9(14)14(28)11(39)6 (45)
935Kevin Sullivan and Nadia Strasser498(8)6(14)12(26)13(39)10 (49)
101629BUDS501(1)2(3)11(14)16(30)OCS (50)
111154Wes & BUDS Crew526(6)7(13)13(26)15(41)11 (52)
118Andrew & Mahalynn527(7)14(21)15(36)7(43)9 (52)
111317Harrison and Kristin5216(16)5(21)9(30)10(40)12 (52)
14899Rob Grant & BUDS sailor5410(10)8(18)7(25)9(34)OCS (54)
151177Garth Copenhaver & Elizabeth Anathan5611(11)11(22)8(30)6(36)OCS (56)
161134Tim and Lisa7215(15)16(31)16(47)12(59)13 (72)
171354Jesse and Justin7717(17)15(32)17(49)14(63)14 (77)
188381David and Linda Strubbe87DNF(20)DNF(40)18(58)18(76)15 (91)
191394Gianpaolo & Paola9318(18)DNF(38)19(57)DNF(77)DNF (97)
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