Svendsen's Thursday Night #18 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJuly 30
Breeze ON!!! TISC powerboat off. We had amazing breeze, with gusts of 25 plus, but lots of technical difficulties. First the Dauntless wouldn't start because it had a dead battery. So we pull started it and the Super's got the course set up quickly. It was so breezy, however, that the RC boat started dragging anchor. Its engine died again, making it difficult to set things up again, especially with boats flipping all over the place.

So we only got one official race in. In that one race, Tom Allison and Greg Stemler took snuck ahead of Andrew and Elsie with some fast planing on the run to take the win (and the night). We started up one more official race with a rabbit method. Unfortunately the SI's were a little unclear on where the finish was so some boats sailed to the dock and others kept going.

Ample social chairage from Tom "Cuveball" Allison and Greg "Keep your buns off my meat" Stemler. Heroic work from the Super duo in the face of malfunctioning boats.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1
1838Tom Allison and Greg Stemler11
2492Andrew Watters and Maddy Eustis22
31761Rolf Kaiser and Laura Corbitt33
41157Adam Spiegel and Amy44
51314Phillip Laby & Johas Kellner55
61317Harrison and Kristin66
7511Jack and Gordon Porter77
81234Eddie & ?88
9929Alex and Emelio99
101376Derek and Heather1010
11940Mike Strauss1111
12694Alex Symes & Chris Pine1212
13641Ken and Rebecca Beard1313
141154Wes MacLaggan & Rachel Moncton1414
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