Svendsen's Thursday Night #16 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJuly 16
Another night of Jim & Mel domination! Just "get off the line clean" and keep your bow pointed in the right direction... Easy, right? Congratulations guys.

The "warm or windy" forecast worked out, but it was not warm. Fairly shifty evening, not the windiest of the year, but enough that constant straight-legging was pretty important. Back-to-back double-lappers in races 2 & 3 tested the fleet's fitness... Nice work Andrew & Elsie winning both of those!

I heard this night described as "the most competitive of the year;" almost everyone had a rough race or two, but Tom & Greg held steady to secure the top three.

With nachos & beer waiting on the dock, Ken, Abby, Kevin, & Elizabeth appear to have been motivated for the last race and rounded out the top five.

Post-party was at Grant & Green where our good friend “The Roth” drummed a double-header and helped us shake off the stiff-leg. Great show, Adam! 1:00 AM arrived before we knew it.

See you next week!
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
11234Jim & Melanie91(1)2(3)2(5)1(6)3 (9)
2492Andrew Watters & Elsie178(8)1(9)1(10)2(12)5 (17)
3838Tom Allison and Greg Stemler172(2)3(5)3(8)3(11)6 (17)
4641Ken and Abby247(7)4(11)8(19)4(23)1 (24)
51275Kevin Richards & Elizabeth Jackson359(9)7(16)7(23)10(33)2 (35)
61629Matthew Sessions & Avery Patton354(4)5(9)14(23)5(28)7 (35)
71157Adam Spiegel & Amy Guarnieri383(3)6(9)13(22)8(30)8 (38)
8631Chad Gray and Natasha Baker426(6)8(14)10(24)6(30)12 (42)
91314Phillip Laby & Katie Cochrane475(5)17(22)4(26)7(33)14 (47)
101317Eddie & Jess5016(16)10(26)5(31)9(40)10 (50)
111159Matt Soldo & Anna Vu5113(13)11(24)11(35)12(47)4 (51)
12968??? & ???5910(10)12(22)15(37)13(50)9 (59)
13636??? & ???6016(16)13(29)9(38)11(49)11 (60)
14946Jorge & Adrian7112(12)14(26)17(43)15(58)13 (71)
151154Wes MacLaggan & Rachel Moncton7316(16)9(25)16(41)14(55)18 (73)
161203??? & ???7411(11)15(26)12(38)18(56)18 (74)
17694Alex Symes & Chris Pine7516(16)17(33)6(39)18(57)18 (75)
181051Jon Titchener and Dave Jackson8316(16)17(33)18(51)16(67)16 (83)
1989Fred & Neal8516(16)17(33)18(51)17(68)17 (85)
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