Svendsen's Thursday Night #7 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterMay 14
Puffy insanity. Dead calms to planing. A laser broke its mast on the first beat of their first race. At least a boat or two was seen capsized. Yours truly had a tough time in it but Avery showed deadly consistency by staying in the breeze and pulling out another win. It was a beautiful warm evening out at TI. These days don't last forever, blink and the summer is gone.

The laser fleet graced us with some champion chili and corn bread. Thank you laser moms and dads!
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
11629Matthew Sessions & Avery Patton114(4)3(7)3(10)1 (11)
2492Andrew Watters & Maddie Eustis131(1)2(3)8(11)2 (13)
3641Ken and Rebecca Beard142(2)1(3)4(7)7 (14)
4838Tom Allison and Greg Stemler153(3)6(9)1(10)5 (15)
51314Phillip Laby & Katie Cochrane226(6)4(10)9(19)3 (22)
61157Adam Spiegel & Amy Guarnieri235(5)8(13)6(19)4 (23)
7631Chad Gray and Natasha Baker307(7)7(14)2(16)14 (30)
81227Sarah McNaboe & Rusty Canada3611(11)10(21)7(28)8 (36)
91376David & Nadia379(9)11(20)11(31)6 (37)
101761Rolf & Karen4012(12)5(17)14(31)9 (40)
11899Rob & Rebecca4013(13)9(22)5(27)13 (40)
121134Tim & Lisa4310(10)12(22)10(32)11 (43)
1311Pete & Sarah498(8)13(21)13(34)15 (49)
141394Gianpaolo & Alan5415(15)15(30)12(42)12 (54)
15946Jorge & Marcelo5716(16)16(32)15(47)10 (57)
161354Jesse & Justin6014(14)14(28)16(44)16 (60)
1789Fred & Neal6817(17)17(34)17(51)17 (68)
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