Svendsen's Thursday Night #6 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterMay 7

Once again Avery showed that she can dominate the fleet regardless of who else is in the boat with her. Sessions explained their success by stating "clear air," but went on to suggest that the fleet needs to line up earlier and hold their place on the line better. Kevin also had some thoughts on our starts and referenced a recent Sailing World article in suggesting that under the new rules sharks basically have no rights.

It was a nice warm night with moderate breeze that rarely saw both people people fully hiked out. Tim and Lisa made incredibly delicious chile with great salsa. You missed out if you weren't there.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
11629Matthew Sessions & Avery Patton131(1)8(9)3(12)1 (13)
2492Andrew Watters & Elsie185(5)5(10)6(16)2 (18)
31157Adam Spiegel & Amy Guarnieri193(3)1(4)4(8)11 (19)
41234Jim & Melanie206(6)9(15)1(16)4 (20)
51314Phillip & ?239(9)2(11)5(16)7 (23)
61275Kevin Richards & Becca Bartlett238(8)7(15)2(17)6 (23)
7641Rebecca282(2)11(13)7(20)8 (28)
8631Chad Gray and Natasha Baker294(4)4(8)8(16)13 (29)
9899Rob Grant & Rebecca Hu3011(11)3(14)9(23)14 (37)
101761Rolf & Nadia3813(13)10(23)12(35)3 (38)
11694Alex Symes & Chris Pine397(7)12(19)10(29)10 (39)
121134Tim & Lisa4615(15)6(21)16(37)9 (46)
131227Sarah McNaboe & Rusty Canada5012(12)15(27)11(38)12 (50)
1411Pete & Sarah5319(19)14(33)15(48)5 (53)
15907David Byron & Amy5710(10)16(26)14(40)17 (57)
16946Jorge Moraleda & Marcelo Pando6416(16)13(29)18(47)16 (63)
171394Gianpaolo & Alan6618(18)17(35)13(48)18 (66)
181325Casey & Chris7014(14)19(33)17(50)20 (70)
191354Jesse & Justin7017(17)18(35)20(55)15 (70)
201159Mat & Echeyde7920(20)20(40)19(59)20 (79)
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