Svendsen's Thursday Night #5 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterApril 30
A lot of breeze to start out and then slowly dying. Andrew and Maddie were too fast for all of us, but had to leave early and miss the last race. Kevin Sullivan set a nice pick at the finish line of race 3 on Kevin Richards to let the rest of sneak in. Both Allison/Stemler and Barkow/Melanie were very consistent to tie for first, Jim winning the tie breaker with two seconds.

Great food from Jorge and Adrian - pizza and beer is a match made in heaven. Thanks to the Supers for solid race committee.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
11234Jim & Melanie132(2)2(4)5(9)4 (13)
2838Tom Allison and Greg Stemler134(4)3(7)4(11)2 (13)
31275Kevin Richards & Becca Bartlett173(3)4(7)7(14)3 (17)
4492Andrew Watters & Maddie Eustis211(1)1(2)2(4)17 (21)
51314Philip Laby and Amy Guarnieri228(8)5(13)1(14)8 (22)
61761Rolf Kaiser and Laura Corbitt267(7)6(13)6(19)7 (26)
735Kevin Sullivan2711(11)8(19)3(22)5 (27)
8641Ken and Rebecca Beard2912(12)7(19)9(28)1 (29)
90Unknown336(6)9(15)12(27)6 (33)
10899Rob Grant and Rebecca Hu375(5)11(16)10(26)11 (37)
11631Chad Gray and Natasha Baker4110(10)14(24)8(32)9 (41)
12694Alex and Alan479(9)13(22)15(37)10 (47)
131134Tim & Lisa5114(14)12(26)13(39)12 (51)
14875Mark & Mark5116(16)10(26)11(37)14 (51)
15940Mike Strauss & Katy Weber5815(15)16(31)14(45)13 (58)
161159Mat & Echeyde6213(13)18(31)16(47)15 (62)
17946Jorge Moraleda & Adrian Butscher6717(17)15(32)18(50)17 (67)
1889Fred & Oliver6818(18)17(35)17(52)16 (68)
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