Svendsen's Thursday Night #3 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterApril 16
windy, shifty, 20 boats, 4 races- very solid night. Starboard favored course but at least 5-6 shifts up and down each leg so plenty of chances to go forward and back. Got in a 2 as well which was nice to stretch the legs a bit. Extra long offset sort of squared up the downwind. Short finishing leg. We have at least another 150 yards to put the marks down the cove before the channel. It'd be good to try that out and get in a little more per race.

A bunch of circles done- think everyone in the top 5 had at least one so good to see.

Good stuff social chairs!!! hots dogs, spicy sausages, burgers! We also got the 4th speaker hooked up so bring ipods. (maybe 'danger' can rock it for us next time).

PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
11234Jim & Melanie111(1)4(5)1(6)5 (11)
21314Phillip Laby & Heather Martinelli138(8)1(9)3(12)1 (13)
3641Ken and Rebecca Beard155(5)5(10)2(12)3 (15)
41275Kevin Richards & Becca Bartlett166(6)3(9)5(14)2 (16)
5492Andrew Watters & Maddie Eustis207(7)2(9)4(13)7 (20)
6694Alex Symes & Chris Pine222(2)8(10)6(16)6 (22)
7631Chad Gray and Natasha Baker313(3)15(18)9(27)4 (31)
81296Dave Wilson & Kristin Mayberry359(9)6(15)11(26)9 (35)
91154Wes & Jeremy3811(11)9(20)8(28)10 (38)
101629Avery Patton & ??4414(14)7(21)10(31)13 (44)
111157Matt Clark & Amy G.4710(10)13(23)13(36)11 (47)
121177Garth Copenhaver & Elizabeth Anathan484(4)DNF(25)12(37)12 (49)
131325Casey & Chris5317(17)14(31)7(38)15 (53)
14566Derek Webster & Megan Wood5613(13)11(24)15(39)17 (56)
151159Matt Soldo & Nadia Strasser56DNF(21)12(33)16(49)8 (57)
161134Tim and Lisa5812(12)16(28)14(42)16 (58)
178Andrew Kobylinski & Mahalynn Lu6515(15)10(25)DNF(46)DNF (67)
18946Jorge Moraleda & Adrian Butscher6816(16)17(33)17(50)18 (68)
191354Jesse & Serena6818(18)18(36)18(54)14 (68)
2089Fred & Oliver7619(19)19(38)19(57)19 (76)
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