Spring Team Race #2 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterApril 26
We lost one Sunday morning (or should I say Saturday night) to a story reminiscent of a George Thorogood song, so the 8-boat random pairs plan failed in favor of the 3-on-3 team racing consortium.

We rotated people through Team Orange (#8, #1102, and #1761) and Team Nothing (#0, #694, and #1275) in a building afternoon breeze and completed 14 races between 12:30 and 3:00. Congratulations to Team Orange for a demonstration of smooth dominance.

Another big thanks to John Super and Mike Gross for starting, umpiring, and finishing the races.

And thanks to the Treasure Island Sailing Center for another great day of team racing!
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Race 11Race 12Race 13Race 14
18Andrew Kobylinski & Andrea Cabito1001(1)1(2)1(3)1(4)*(4)1(5)1(6)1(7)1(8)1(9)1(10)*(10)* (10)
21102Linda Stephan / Chad Gray & Natasha Baker1001(1)1(2)1(3)*(3)1(4)1(5)1(6)1(7)1(8)1(9)1(10)0(10)0 (10)
31761Rolf Kaiser & Laura Corbit901(1)1(2)1(3)1(4)1(5)1(6)1(7)*(7)*(7)1(8)1(9)0(9)0 (9)
4The FleetDerek Webster & Cindy Keppel4**001(1)1(2)0(2)0(2)1(3)1(4)0(4)0(4)0(4)0 (4)
5694Alex Symes & Michelle31(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)*(1)*(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)1(2)1 (3)
50Sarah McNaboe & Mike Bishop31(1)0(1)*(1)*(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)1(2)1 (3)
51275Kevin Richards & Nadia Strasser31(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)0(1)*(1)*(1)1(2)1 (3)
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