Spring Team Race #1 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterMarch 29
A beautiful day on the Cove to kick off the season. Breeze was up by 11:00, and we started a 8-boat random pairs rotation by 12:00. The wind stayed mostly perfect all day in the 10-15 knot range, although we had some slightly threatening puffs around 2:00pm.

Besides a short intermission for some serious mast tuning by one competitor, and a quick swim rounding mark 3 by another, the action went off without a hitch. Thanks again to John Super, Mike Gross, and Magdalena for a great job starting, umpiring, and finishing the races.

See you last Sunday of April!

PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Race 11Race 12Race 13Race 14Race 15Race 16Race 17Race 18Race 19Race 20Race 21Race 22Race 23Race 24Race 25Race 26Race 27Race 28
11761Rolf Kaiser & Anna Vu100*1(1)*(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)1(2)0(2)*(2)1(3)*(3)0(3)*(3)1(4)*(4)1(5)*(5)1(6)*(6)*(6)1(7)*(7)1(8)*(8)1(9)*(9)1 (10)
21275Kevin Richards & Margaret Nyweide10*1(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)1(2)*(2)0(2)*(2)1(3)*(3)0(3)*(3)1(4)*(4)1(5)*(5)1(6)*(6)1(7)0(7)*(7)1(8)*(8)*(8)1(9)*(9)1 (10)
3694Alex Symes & Eddie Conrad9*0*1(1)*(1)1(2)*(2)0(2)1(3)*(3)0(3)*(3)1(4)*(4)0(4)*(4)1(5)*(5)1(6)*(6)1(7)*(7)0(7)*(7)1(8)*(8)1(9)* (9)
4566Derek Webster & Cindy Keppel71(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)1(2)*(2)0(2)*(2)1(3)*(3)0(3)*(3)0(3)*(3)1(4)*(4)1(5)*(5)0(5)*(5)0(5)1(6)*(6)1(7)* (7)
5741Sally & Joanna Madsen61(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)1(2)*(2)1(3)*(3)0(3)*(3)1(4)*(4)1(5)*(5)0(5)*(5)0(5)*(5)0(5)*(5)0(5)*(5)1(6)*(6)0(6)*(6)0(6)* (6)
51157Adam & Guillemette Spiegel6*0*1(1)1(2)*(2)1(3)*(3)*(3)1(4)*(4)0(4)*(4)0(4)*(4)0(4)*(4)0(4)*(4)0(4)*(4)1(5)*(5)1(6)*(6)0(6)*(6)0 (6)
71227Sarah McNaboe & Heather Martinelli50*1(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)1(2)*(2)1(3)*(3)1(4)0(4)*(4)0(4)*(4)1(5)*(5)0(5)*(5)*(5)0(5)*(5)0 (5)
8475Sarah & Eric Deeds3*1(1)*(1)0(1)0(1)*(1)0(1)*(1)1(2)*(2)0(2)*(2)0(2)*(2)1(3)*(3)*(3)0(3)*(3)0(3)*(3)0(3)*(3)0(3)0(3)*(3)0(3)*(3)
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