Svendsen's Thursday Night Series #18 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterAugust 2
Archie won. We got 2nd (9,1,4,4,1) and were late for the first start. Sessions excuse is that he was the 3rd boat off the dock but was halfway up the beat when we realized there was 90 seconds to the start. Started 45 seconds late. Windy, died down, fog rolled in, got SUPER windy...lots of capsizes. Had our pins at the bottom by the final race.

Looks like a good night. Thanks to Social Chairs!!!

Laser scores at:
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
11317Archie & Andrea141(1)6(7)2(9)1(10)4 (14)
21629Matthew Sessions & Catherine King199(9)4(13)1(14)4(18)1 (19)
3631Chad Gray & Natasha Baker202(2)7(9)3(12)6(18)2 (20)
41314Phillip Laby & Sarah217(7)2(9)4(13)2(15)6 (21)
5838Tom Allison233(3)3(6)7(13)5(18)5 (23)
6641Ken Turnbull & Rebecca Beard246(6)1(7)6(13)3(16)8 (24)
71157Adam Spiegal and Amy324(4)9(13)5(18)7(25)7 (32)
81296David Wilson395(5)8(13)10(23)13dn(36)3 (39)
992??478(8)5(13)8(21)13dn(34)13dn (47)
101016Steven Washington & Christina4911(11)11(22)9(31)9(40)9 (49)
11475Sarah Deeds5410(10)10(20)11(31)10(41)13dn (54)
121005Michael and Jim5815dn(15)12(27)13(40)8(48)10 (58)
13731Mark English6212(12)13(25)14(39)12(51)11 (62)
141248Curtis Press and Elise6213(13)14(27)12(39)11(50)12 (62)
15940David and Paul7114(14)15dn(29)16dn(45)13dn(58)13dn (71)
161051Jon Titchner7115dn(15)15dn(30)15(45)13dn(58)13dn(71)
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