Svendsen's Thursday Night Series #23 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterSeptember 6
Our last super thursday was just that- SUPER (all the way around). Our usual last night of calm seas, light wind, quiet drinking, few boats turned out to be as wrong as possible. Oh what a night to cap a spectacular season!

So it blew like shit. I'm close to saying the windiest night ever in the cove. Looking at reports from the TI bouy (just around the point) it was consistently mid to upper 30's. In the cove, I'm guessing peaks in the mid 30's and valley's in the mid 20's. It was windy. Very windy. And made for excited reaches on the trapazoid courses. We dumped it 3 times and think Matt Soldo did as well. Adam S and Amy G went out, tipped over in the bottom of the cove and spent 20 mins getting back up in the channel- then came in and retired for the night, mostly to enjoy the beer and heckle us from the ramp.

Literally. The Mr Super & Co. have done an absolute fantastic job in getting the races off, maximizing our sailing time and running solid courses. Last night was an example: 4 races, 12 v15's, 12 lasers W/ 3 races in the fading light. Huge thank you and we all own you a beer.

well sort of. Philip and Sahra took the night with 2 bullets. After lending a hand to help a fellow sailor in rescue, Avery sailed her usualy solid and consistent night to take 2nd honors. Sarah & Pete tied with Tom & Greg for 3rd and 4th- both sailing very well in the breeze.

Svendsen's bought 2 kegs and snack and the Purdy's Pizza Protector arrived with a ton of pizza's (a few 'marin' specials too!) - and, from what I gathered in Tom's hand, their own wine too! It was fantastic to drink and eat till we were stuffed. a huge thank you to the SUPER SOCIAL Duo- the race for top social chair might have been won right there but ti's gonna be close! Go check our WAYPOINT anytime!

The showers were fantastic- my crew and I threw off our cold sailing gear and spend about 20 mins getting too hot in the water- seriously... we couldn't find how to turn on the cold water... Again, huge thank you to Steve for putting that all together. Next time, party in the showers!

Other Highlights:
Great to see 5 other boats come over and hang out to drink beer and watch the races. Linda/Natasha, Nick, Adam S/Amy G (retired), Mike Strauss & crew, & others.

3 regatta's still- look out for emails, check the website to sign up and for details.

Think about help to run the fleet next year. Easy, fun and you cna make it what you want.

Svendsen's just got a bunch of new V15 gear and might put it all on sale soo- ropes, blocks, masts, gear- check 'em out!

End of the Year Party!!! Nov 16th- Bay View Boat club- 7pmish. Plan on coming, bringing friends/significant others, and buying a beer to thank our RC! Lasers, V15's everyone's invited!!!

Vote for the 'special awards' (top social, best crew..) online before then.

Fun night all the way around and great way to cap off the Thursday year. so with that... anyone have any plans for next thursday... oh yeah Big Boat Series. Close but nope, not as fun...

C ya all soon! Next Thursday Starts April 3 2008!

PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
11314Phillip Laby & Sarah92(2)5(7)1(8)1 (9)
21629Matthew Sessions & Avery Patton12ave-32(2)2(4)5 (9)
3475Sarah Deeds & Pete Trachy171(1)7(8)7(15)2 (17)
4838Tom Allison & Greg Stemler176(6)1(7)3(10)7 (17)
555Jack & Gordon Porter203(3)3(6)4(10)10 (20)
61761Rolf Kaiser & Laura Corbit254(4)12(16)5(21)4 (25)
71296David Wilson & Guillemette275(5)8(13)6(19)8 (27)
8929Alex Mountjoy & Catherine King309(9)10(19)8(27)3 (30)
91159Matt Soldo & Leanne308(8)6(14)10(24)6 (30)
101376David Anthes & Amiee347(7)9(16)9(25)9 (34)
11858Jim Barkow & Nadia3811(11)4(15)12(27)11 (38)
121248Curtis Press & Elise4410(10)11(21)11(32)12 (44)
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