Svendsen's Thursday Night Series #22 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterAugust 30

Oh What a Night... late August in the Clipper Cove.
Oh What a Night... 5 Races in a trapazoid...
- ok enough of that...

Looked light but as soon as we put in, breeze cooled a little and picked up. Short legged trapazoid course pretty much meant we all met at the weather mark regardless of where you started. Wide reach out to the gybe mark, short downwind and then a fun ride back to the leeward mark. The only thing with the trapazoid is that there isn't much upwind or upwind tactics but solid racing all around.

Congrat's to the Lowry's for a great night (minus the 1st race). I think it takes Adam a race or 2 to stop looking at his hot wife and actually race. Close 2nd for the night was "what... rocking and pumping aren't really kinetics- it's just faster" Team of Sessions and Patton. Tom kept his game high with matching points but unfortunately losing the tie breaker.

Lots fo other highlights... let me recall:
Dave Wilson- so a trapazoid course goes windward mark, gybe mark 1, gybe mark 2, leeward mark... and then you finish. Of you can just see what everyone else is doing!!! You deserved a 1 or 2 that first race- not the 12. Entertaining though...
Rebecca falling out the boat- straight off the back!- with 30 sec's to go and causing a pile up that ultimately hurt Rolf the most. Ken didn't know she fell off and when the boat rounded up he was yelling "Down, down" till they hit us. Then he turned around to see the ghost driver. Rather funny.
Lasers- vang off helps get the boat up... and keep me dry!
Crosby- should the fleet buy you sail numbers or put on the ones you have???

Lot's of fouls out there and for those who did circles- well done. (we did 2- anyone beat that?- and yes Sessions, I'm a hack and have the bow to prove it.)

Now for the best part of the night- the SOCIAL!!! You guys rock. Warm night, tunes playin', lots of beer, more than a full bar, sausages, hot dogs, veggies, Sally made a taco dip, chips, cookies- very very well done. A bunch of us stayed a while, pulled up chairs and tried to finish the alcohol. Nights like those...

Huge thank you to the Social Chairs (of course 3 boats help): Sessions, Avery, Sally, and the Porters. (not saying anything but the inside track for Best Social of the Year has started placing money on ya all)

Next: FINAL THURSDAY and (what's that Session's) IT'S a SUPER THURSDAY!!!
V15's have a standing max of 27 boats with 12 lasers. We can top that easy guys.
Waypoint Pizza, 2 kegs, lots of prizes/raffle from Svendsen's. Come on out- come over and enjoy- last thursday night!

(someone remember to bring their ipod... pay your dues (adam bennett)...

I think for those who haven't paid dues but the last thursday night buys everyone a drink during the end of the year party. what do ya all think???

PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
1598Adam & Mara Lowry169(9)1(10)3(13)1(14)2 (16)
21629Matthew Sessions & Avery Patton212(2)3(5)1(6)14(20)1 (21)
3838Tom Allison & Cassandra Van Outryve216(6)6(12)2(14)4(18)3 (21)
41157Adam Speigel & Amy Guarnieri295(5)7(12)6(18)2(20)9 (29)
5741Sally Madsen & Archie Massie354(4)9(13)5(18)9(27)8 (35)
6858Jim Barkow & Greg Stemler383(3)2(5)16(21)5(26)12 (38)
71174Adam Bennett & Robbie4010(10)4(14)13(27)3(30)10 (40)
81314Phillip Laby & Sarah471(1)14(15)19(34)6(40)7 (47)
9929Alex Mountjoy & Catherine King4716(16)16(32)4(36)7(43)4 (47)
10641Ken Turnbull & Rebecca Beard5114(14)5(19)12(31)15(46)5 (51)
1155Jack & Gordon Porter5215(15)10(25)11(36)10(46)6 (52)
12475Sarah Deeds & Pete Trachy5813(13)11(24)10(34)13(47)11 (58)
131296David Wilson & Tim Han6412(12)13(25)9(34)11(45)19 (64)
141159Matt Soldo & Veronica6511(11)12(23)7(30)19(49)16 (65)
151376David Anthes & Amiee688(8)17(25)20(45)11(56)12 (68)
161761Rolf Kaiser & Shannon Bonds6918(18)15(33)15(48)8(56)13 (69)
17731Mark English & Jen747(7)18(25)14(39)17(56)18 (74)
18636Crosby7519(19)8(27)18(45)16(61)14 (75)
19940Mike Strauss & Anne8817(17)19(36)17(53)18(71)17 (88)
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