Svendsen's Thursday Night Series #19 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterAugust 9
Great night on the cove. Sailed the left over trapazoid course which turned out to be great. Wind was slightly north so that helped square up the course. And if you were lucky, made the reach a blast too!

Congrat's to, once again, the Lowry's for a consistent night with 2 bullets. Avery sailed pretty well but if she can get rid of teh skipper once in a while, mayby she wouldn't have to eat that 12! Good to see Bob out- first race back scored a bullet. Matt Gregory sailed the groom-to-be's boat of Soldo. Archie and Andrea (aka "the vagabond duo") sailed Feeney's. Mike R filled in for Alex. Crosby went 'Mono v Duo'.

Lasers- loved the showing, the 2 fleets (radial + full), beer, and of course the brats! Huge thank you to the top notch RC. Extremely well run races- could be an interesting new format???
Laser Full Scores:
Laser Radial Scores:

National's next so no racing next thursday in the cove, unless the Supers want to run Lasers and left over races. No scoring- maybe participation points.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
1598Adam & Mara Lowry153(3)1(4)4(8)1(9)6 (15)
21629Matthew Sessions & Avery Patton222(2)12(14)2(16)4(20)2 (22)
31177Bob Tenant & Paola261(1)8(9)5(14)2(16)10 (26)
4858Jim Barkow & Christina Beard3110(10)16(26)1(27)3(30)1 (31)
5641Ken Turnbull & Rebecca Beard3313(13)2(15)3(18)11(29)4 (33)
61317Harrison Turner & Kristin Maberry335(5)3(8)8(16)9(25)8 (33)
7838Tom Allison & Greg Stemler346(6)5(11)10(21)6(27)7 (34)
81004Archie & Andrea358(8)4(12)13(25)5(30)5 (35)
91314Phillip Laby & Sarah384(4)6(10)12(22)13(35)3 (38)
1055Jask & Gordon Porter459(9)7(16)6(22)8(30)15 (45)
111296David Wilson & Guillemette Brouilleut5511(11)11(22)9(31)15(46)9 (55)
121157Adam Spiegel & Amy Guarnieri597(7)13(20)11(31)12(43)16 (59)
131159Matt Gregory6118dnc(18)9(27)16(43)7(50)11 (61)
14929Mike Ruthledge & Catherine King6714(14)10(24)14(38)16(54)13 (67)
151174Adam Bennett & Robbie7017(17)14(31)7(38)18(56)14 (70)
16636Crosby Grant & Sarah7618dnc(18)19dnc(37)17(54)10(64)12 (76)
171005Michael Weinman & Jim7912(12)18(30)15(45)17(62)17 (79)
18731Mark English & Gilles8015(15)15(30)18(48)14(62)18 (80)
191248Curtis Press & Doug9016(16)17(33)19(52)19(71)19(90)
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