Svendsen's Thursday Night Series #10 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJune 7
Great night. Classic. Solid breeze- 20's that lightened up a little to streaky shifts, typical of the cove. Port end seems to win mostly from the 10-15 degree port that kicked in about half way up. RC did a great job going and running races. Not quite sure our thigh's thank you for that 3 (first in a long long time!)- we earned the extra beer.

Lowry's domainated the night with solid sailing- rarely leading a race, the duo ground down everyone in their path. Thank god for East Bay traffic and work that kept the mrs late or else it might have been an embarassing display. Feeny and Holye also posted a stellar night by seemingly starting in the upper startboard of the line, getting a bow out and then down to plane over the top of the rest.

But alas, winning the night in points but clearly not in style or looks (maybe Kristin makes a case at least) was Harrision and Kristin in 1317. 2nd up with the 858 with 2nd-nighter Carrie who got her first taste of the bay by missing the hiking strap and then 2 tip overs. But she's coming back for more.

- Titchner and Lara came out but never got to race- what a tragedy. I heard some story of the Mud Man holding their boat for a good 20 mins before setting them free.
- 1177- who's that??? Archie is an Int 14 sailor and knows the planing game well. Welcome to our fleet - everyone say hi!
- Scores are very very very close almost all around- keep fighting!
- 25 boats- our fleet is growing and we are still missing a few of the regulars. Sure makes the cove fun! Mixed with the Lasers that might have been our busiest night in the cove yet- if not, very close.
- did anyone else see the new 'baby blue' boat on display in the yard??? Mr Rolf up's the arms race. New boats are fast and very solid. Looks good Rolf- now let's see if you can handle the speed...

Huge THANKYOU to the Laser fleet for the baked nachos and plenty of beer! The grill is just like an oven. Well done! As a thank you, you get your scores posted here (corrected- sorry guys!):

Lasers #10
1) 5477, 9, 2,4,1,1,1
2) 3670, 20, 4,1,10,2,3
3) 9426, 21, 1,5,2,3,10
4) 5237, 26, 6,2,6,7,5
5) 3261, 29, 3,10,10,4,2
6) 6, 29, 7,10,3,5,4
7) 0926, 37, 5,10,4,12,6
8) 9518, 41, 9,7,5,10,10
9) 5287, 42, 8,6,7,9,10
10) 1029, 42, 10,9,8,8,7
11) 7862, 45, 10,10,10,6,9
12) 0936, 46, 10,3,10,13,10
13) 5237, 46, 10, 8,9,11,8

- 13 boats!!! All time high. Bring out more!
- note multiple sail #'s make scoring very hard!

Everyone, remember the TI Summer Sailstice Regatta- Lasers & v15's!!! Come on our and sail. Also the PCC's- so our largest bay regatta of the year!

PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
11317Harrison Turner & Kristin Maberry183(3)3(6)5(11)6(17)1 (18)
2858Jim Barkow & Carrie281(1)8(9)3(12)8(20)8 (28)
31004Richard Feeny & Jen Hoyle327(7)1(8)4(12)1(13)19dnc (32)
4598Adam & Mara Lowry3224dnc(24)2(26)1(27)2(29)3 (32)
5475Sarah Deeds & Pete Trachy3711(11)7(18)6(24)7(31)6 (37)
61177Archie & Paola4124ocs(24)5(29)2(31)5(36)5 (41)
7641Ken Turnbull & Rebecca Beard4214(14)6(20)11(31)4(35)7 (42)
81296David Wilson & Guillemette Brouilleut432(2)11(13)9(22)10(32)11 (43)
9838Tom Allison & Amy Lyons488(8)10(18)15(33)11(44)4 (48)
1017Brent Harrill509(9)13(22)10(32)9(41)9 (50)
111203Holt Condon & Linda Szabo565(5)23ocs(28)12(40)14(54)2 (56)
12631Chad Gray & Caryn564(4)4(8)21(29)17(46)10 (56)
131157Adam Spiegel & Amy Guarnieri5613(13)9(22)7(29)13(42)14 (56)
14907David Byron & Nadia6117(17)12(29)13(42)3(45)16 (61)
1594David Jack615(5)15(20)8(28)18(46)15 (61)
16636Crosby Grant & Sarah706(6)14(20)22(42)15(57)13 (70)
17929Alex Mountjoy & Catherine King7716(16)16(32)14(46)12(58)19dnc (77)
182Linda Stephan & Natasha Baker8710(10)17(27)19(46)22dnf(68)19dnc (87)
191248Curtis Press & Doug9119(19)20(39)20(59)20(79)12 (91)
2016HS guy9118(18)21(39)16(55)19(74)17 (91)
211376David Anthes & Aimee9222(22)18(40)18(58)16(74)18 (92)
22946Jorge Moraleda9620(20)19(39)17(56)21(77)19dnc (96)
231314Phillip Laby & Nadia9912(12)23dnc(35)23dnc(58)22dnc(80)19dnc (99)
24560Andrea & Shannon Bonds10821(21)23dnc(44)23dn(67)22dnc(89)19dnc (108)
251051John Titchner & Lara11023(23)23(46)23(69)22(91)19(110)
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