Svendsen's Thursday Night Series #8 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterMay 24

Good night! 26 boats (counting the 3 some of Shawn's sailind around 27 boats). Solid. Started out with good breeze and then faded throughout the night to the lighter stuff. From last week, we needed the break so thanks to Mother Nature for warming us up slowly.

Rockstar team of Nick & Avery (with good sails, that just shouldn't be allowed) really dominated the night with a would have been 4,1,2,1. Unfortunately that 4 turned into a 22 with an OCS leaving the night open for the rest of the fleet. Once again the so-far "MVP's of Thursdays", Ken and Rebecca, sailed consistently well to take night honors. To reflect on their nights performance, they have this to say...
"had one good start at the boat, and our downwinds were terrible!"

Not quite 'pearls of wisdom' hey...

Close behind was Andrea with a clumsy, blabbering, but clearly-enjoying-the-night Jim. Kevin and new-comer Drake rounded out the top 3 while also engaging in some entertaining match racing with 474.

Looking around, one observation I had: we are all waaaaay toooooooo heeled!!! Get flat. Get flat. Flat is fast for a reason. Not this lazy, half hiking 15-20 degree heel. It wasn't that windy. Drop the main, hike like hell, get the boat flat out of a tack, as the speed builds, trim and start to head up. As a fleet, we have to get flatter all the way around. In my opinion, the only ones that were last night were Nick and Avery, maybe half the time at best, Ken and Rebecca. Happy to take a look at anyone before or during racing to help reset perspective.

Huge thank you last night to Sarah and Pete for the Veggie Pizza (got to expect Asparagas as a topping from those "east bayers"), good use of the grill to warm it up! Like the carrots and variety of beer. Thank you - very very well done!

Laser- great showing with 8 boats. We listened to the recording to figure out placement for a few races and man, you guys are sooo close: 5 boats inside of 10 seconds!!! Solid work! As a reward, you get your scores posted here:

1 Steve Orosz 179426 8 1 1 5 1
2 no name 3 926 12 4 3 1 4
3 no name 3670 12 2 5 2 3
4 Netro 6 17 3 6 3 5
5 KT 184625 18 8 4 4 2
6 Norm Anderson 151029 21 6 2 7 6dnc
8 ??? 1007 26 5 7dnc 8dnc 6dnc
9 no name 2 4256 26 7 7dnc 6 6dnc

Again, Down on the Right (all the way over, not in the middle, or middle right), Up on the Left! Pay your dues- updated this weekend!!! If you want sails- let me know ASAP!

Sessions Sighting: gambling, drinking, shwoowing unlucky ladies in vegas...
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
1641Ken Turnbull & Rebecca Beard154(4)7(11)1(12)3 (15)
2858Andrea & Jim Barkow171(1)3(4)3(7)10 (17)
31275Kevin Richards & Drake2513(13)2(15)4(19)6 (25)
4474Nick Adamson & Avery Patton2622(22)1(23)2(25)1 (26)
5741Sally Madsen & Jay Palace285(5)4(9)7(16)12 (28)
6631Chad Gray & Caryn2810(10)9(19)5(24)4 (28)
717Brent Harrill & Greg Stemler316(6)12(18)8(26)5 (31)
81157Adam Spiegel & Amy Guarnieri352(2)8(10)11(21)14 (35)
9838Tom Allison & Amy Lyons363(3)5(8)17(25)11 (36)
101016Steve Washington379(9)10(19)9(28)9 (37)
11475Sarah Deeds & Pete Trachy398(8)17(25)6(31)8 (39)
121296David Wilson & Guillemette Brouilleut5415(15)6(21)10(31)23 (54)
13907David Byron & Batch567(7)13(20)15(35)21 (56)
14560Rolf Kaiser & Laura Corbit5723dnc(23)11(34)16(50)7 (57)
153???5812(12)14(26)19(45)13 (58)
162Linda Stephan & Natasha Baker6123dnc(23)24dnc(47)12(59)2 (61)
17694Alex Symes & Tim Murphy6714(14)21(35)13(48)19 (67)
1894David Jack6718(18)15(33)14(47)20 (67)
191134Tim Murphy7117(17)19(36)20(56)15 (71)
20636Crosby Grant & Sarah7519(19)20(39)18(57)18 (75)
211177Joe Wells7823dnc(23)16(39)23(62)16 (78)
221248Curtis Press & Doug7923dnc(23)18(41)21(62)17 (79)
231174Adam Bennett8711(11)24dnc(35)26dnc(61)26dnc (87)
24946Jorge Moraleda8716(16)23(39)24(63)24 (87)
251051Jon Titchner9021(21)22(43)22(65)25 (90)
26875name?9423dnc(23)24dnc(47)25(72)22 (94)
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