Svendsen's Thursday Night Series #6 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterMay 10
Well the wind returned, for the first 2 races at least. At least it's getting better. That 2x's around a few old timers complaining that their legs are sore- can't blame them as we haven't had wind to get in dinghy shape yet!

We got to a little bit of a delayed start which was lucky for a few of the late comers. Good time to review "launching" etiquette:
1) on the wood, in the water
2) most nights, both main and Jib can be up, rudder in, board ready to go
3) launch, move to the end of the dock, in and out. Fix and rig on land.
4) the ramp was designed wide enough to fit 2 dollies side by side. Go down on the far Right (facing the water), wheel dolly up on the far Left. Same flow for taking out. Down on the Right, up on the left.
5)If you are ready to go, get in and go sail or move under the hoists.
6) HELP, HELP, HELP others in front.

Started out with a 2 solid races with breeze and the first 2 lapper in a long time. By the 3rd race the wind had lost it's impetus and squirrely cove showed it's true spring colors. Adam & Amy posted a stellar night that announced their full commitment to the 'varsity' fleet. But it was Fenny & Hoyle that really came thru by dominating the in last 2 lighter races.

But... the highlight of the night was easily the best Thursday night food and beverage spread in a long time: homemade cookies and brownies, fresh salsa, grapes and cheese... Clearly the veteran's of the Thursday Nights (Kara, Geoff, & Fenny) have stepped up their palate. Thank you!

Lasers- solid showing all around. Looked like the racing is getting tigher and even with a longer line than needed, there was a little more line jockeying than usual. Scores here:
2187 7 1 4 1 1
179426 9 2 1 3 3
179518 15 4 2 4 5
926 17 5 5 5 2
175237 18 6 6 2 4
184625 18 3 3 6 6

notes: if any notices incorrect scores, let me know.
ps- did I have a 'kick me' sign on my boat last night. Must have but couldn't find it- :)...
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
11004Richard Feeny & Jen Hoyle126(6)4(10)1(11)1 (12)
21157Adam Spiegel & Amy Guarnieri193(3)3(6)7(13)6 (19)
3641Ken Turnbull & Alex Mountjoy204(4)8(12)5(17)3 (20)
41629Matthew Sessions & Avery Patton215(5)1(6)2(8)13 (21)
5858Jim Barkow & Alexis231(1)2(3)8(11)12 (23)
6838Tom Allison & Amy Lyons287(7)5(12)12(24)4 (28)
71296David Wilson & Guillemette Brouilleut292(2)10(12)3(15)14 (29)
8163Kara Forman & Geoff McDonald298(8)9(17)4(21)8 (29)
9475Sarah Deeds & Pete Trachy3111(11)7(18)6(24)7 (31)
101314Phillip Laby & Nadia349(9)6(15)10(25)9 (34)
111174Adam Bennett & Maddie4612(12)13(25)19(44)2 (46)
121177Joe Wells & Paola De Cecco4716(16)11(27)15(42)5 (47)
131016Steve Washington & Sean5019dnc(19)12(31)9(40)10 (50)
14560Rolf Kaiser & Laura Corbit5410(10)15(25)14(39)15 (54)
1594David Jack5715(15)14(29)17(46)11 (57)
161248Curtis Press & Doug Robertson6213(13)16(29)16(45)17 (62)
17636Crosby Grant &6314(14)17(31)13(44)19 (63)
18433Who are you?6517(17)19(36)11(47)18 (65)
19946Jorge Moraleda & David7018(18)18(36)18(54)16(70)
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