Svendsen's Thursday Night Series #4 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterApril 26
A huge thank you to Svendsen's for sponsoring the first of three "SUPER THURSDAYS". Unfortunately, the wind wanted us to drink instead of sail. So that's what we did- and lead to the keg being done by 9:15. Solid work.

But, we did manage to get 1 race in and no doubt the light air specialist of Linda and Natasha dominated with a great start and find crew work all around. Second race was started but the wind completey bailed on us and Mr Super took an on the water vote to move on to the beer and food.

Lasers, unfortunately got caught with no breeze and a current that stopped their efforts- save the few that took to agressive jibing...

But the high light of the night still awaited us. No, I'm not talking about watching Sessions talk from standing, half drunk, on the large shore block thingy or seeing the large amount of flames coming from the grilling department. Mr Svenden's himself entertained the fleet with trivia night and prizes. Hats, sailing gloves, boots, rash guards, watches, sunglasses- lot's of gear. Svendsen's has been a long time suporter of the V15 fleet as well as every other fleet in the bay. We all thank them for their support!

Few things:
- Make sure you pay your dues, ($100 to TISC, $25 to V15 Fleet) Late fees might go into affect next week!
- get in the water earlier! doubt we'll do another postponement
- John Super(s) are am loolking for crew for tomarrow night (Monday) at the Bay View Boat Club for our tiny Monday Nite Madness on an Islander Bahama (24'). or by phone at 415-564-4779. Start- 1825 and I can pick crew up at the Club Dock at 1745
- Lasers host next week!

bonus scores have 5 points added for SUPER THURSDAY'S!!!! See ya all next week!
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1
12Linda Stephan & Natasha Baker11
21314Phillip Laby & Nadia22
31629Matthew Sessions & Avery Patton33
4641Ken Turnbull & Rebecca Beard44
5475Sarah Deeds & Pete Trachy55
6858Jim Barkow & Claire Deienbrock66
71174Adam Bennett & Robbie77
81203Holt Condon88
91275Kevin Richards & Sean99
10741Sally Madsen & Adam Rothschild1010
11560Rolf Kaiser & Laura Corbit1111
12636Crosby Grant & Sarah1212
13946Jorge Moraleda & David1313
14838Tom Allison & Amy Lyons1414
151317Harrison Turner & Marleen1515
161376David Anthes & Aimee1616
171005Michael Weinman & Jim M1717
181296David Wilson & Elise1818
19433Who are you?1919
201248Curtis Press & Doug Robertson2020
211157Geoff Papilion & Guillemette Brouilleut2121
22731Mark English2222
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