V15 end of year party at Bay View Boat ClubNovember 11
It was a great night at the BVBC...

The fleet would like to heartily thank John Super Sr. and John Super Jr., for welcoming us to the Bay View Boat Club - what a great place to celebrate! We'd also like to thank the Supers for stellar RC work all summer, for pinch hitting at the bar last night, and for everything else you've brought to the fleet.

Thanks also to Rebecca for organizing food, Catherine for organizing awards, David and Adam for the music, Read Hayward from Benicia for the slideshow, and everybody else who helped make the party great.

Congratulations to the newly elected 2007 fleet officers!

Fleet Captain - Kevin Richards
Tuesday Night Co-Chairs - David Kenny & Rebecca Beard
Thursday Night Co-Chairs - Matthew Sessions & Jim Barkow
Treasurer - Adam Spiegel & Guillemette Broulliat
Fleet PR - Catherine King
Webmaster - David Byron

And congratulations to the award winners.


Best Crew - Natasha Baker
Nicest Skipper - Matthew Sessions
Best Social Chair - The Laser Fleet
Most Improved Crew - Pete Trachy
Most Improved Skipper - David Anthes


1st - Harrison Turner & Rebecca Beard, Natasha Baker
2nd - Sally Madsen & Adam Rothschild, Ken Turnbull, Jay Palace, David Byron
3rd - Kevin Richards & Kara Forman, Linda Stephan, Nikki Crane

1st JV- David Anthes & Shannon Ryan, AnnElise Emerson, Aimee Kelly


1st - Jim Barkow & Alexis Zebrowski, Mallory McCullum, Greg Stemler
2nd - Ken Turnbull & Rebecca Beard, Harrison Turner, Abby Swann, Chad Gray, Doug Hagan, Sally Madsen
3rd - Nick Adamson & Amy Guarnieri, Avery Patton, Katie Shuman, Carisa Harris, Julie Lucchesi, AJ Crane, Natasha Baker

1st JV - Adam Spiegel & Amy Guarnieri, Kurt Wessels, Geoff Paplion, Natasha Baker
2nd JV - Jack Porter & Gordon Porter
3rd JV - Phillip Mispagel & Amy Horowitz, Guillemette Brouillat, Greg Stemler, Pete Trachy, Dennis Deisinger, Catherine King, Nick Dugdale

See you at the midwinters!
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