Thursday Night Fleet Racing #1 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterApril 6
It was a great first night of racing at Clipper Cove. Alex Mountjoy was our first Social-Safety Chair and Jason Rice & Stephen Freskos, from Cal Maritime, were our Race Officials with the help of Dennis & Kelsie Deisinger, potential V15 buyers.

We had 18 Vanguard 15s, 2 Lasers, and three races. The courses were W/L once around.

Laser Results: Steve O. (#179426) was first with 4 points and Ralph P. (#175237) was second with 5 points.

The Vanguard fleet endured a few general recalls, so be prepared for the "I" flag to come out faster next week. (See part 11.5 of the Sailing Instructions for more information) We all want lots of races and the nights are still rather short.

Post-racing discussion resulted in the following suggestions:
1. Lasers will have their own start/finish line to STARBOARD of the RC boat. The V15 start/finish line will continue to be to PORT of the RC boat.

2. The Protest System will continue to be refined.
-Remember to yell loudly if you are owed room to round a mark and also if you protest a boat.
-Don't forget to tell the RC and the boat you are protesting that you want a Protest Hearing.
-Protesting is an integral part of a self-regulating system and an excellent opportunity to refine your knowledge of the rules.
-Sarah Deeds (Race Chair) will continue to foster knowledge and use of the Three Minute Justice System. (see Sailing Instructions - part 14)

Laser Results:
Position, Sail Number, Rig, Skipper, Total, R1, R2, R3
1, 175237, F, Ralph Pombo, 4, 2, 1, 1
2, 179426, F, Steve Orosz, 5, 1, 2, 2
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3
1598Adam Lowry & Mara Lowry6222
2474Nick Adamson & Katie Shuman7133
3858Jim Barkow & Alexis Zebrowski9441
4899Carisa Harris & Mike Rutledge15519
5641Ken Turnbull & Rebecca Beard193610
64Sarah Deeds & Hugh Davis20758
7163Lee Laney & Kaya Haig238114
8929Alex Mountjoy & Catherine King236107
9907David Bryon & Did Not State-April6289811
101157-JVAdam Spiegel & Amy Guarnieri3011712
11741Sally Madsen & Adam Rothschild3112145
12560Rolf Kaiser & Shannon Bonds3315126
13682-JVKT Shum & Vanessa Allen3610917-DNS
141174-JVJay Palace & Did Not State-April640141313
151296David Wilson & Did Not State-April64617-DNS1514
16906-JVNoah Shaw & Nina Viggi481318-DNS17-OCS
17995-JVPhillip Mispagel & Guillemette Brouillat48161715
18875-JVBill Wright & Leah Schoellkopf4917-DNS1616
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