Tomales Bay Regatta at Inverness Yacht ClubSeptember 30 - October 1
The 2006 Tomales Bay Regatta is history, and thanks to all who attended this past weekend, making it a really fun regatta to run. Among the high points:

1) Short-course, light-air, flat-water, college-style racing. Yes, we did in fact get off 16 races!

2) Thanks to Paige for the excellent restaurant recommendation, the Reyes Café in Point Reyes Station. Next time you’re up there be sure to stop in.

3) Samuel P. Taylor State Park was much better than the Olema Ranch last year. And unlike in certain years past, the cops were not called on the Vanguard fleet for making too much noise.

4) On Sunday, each race winner had to down a shot of Jaegermeister after they crossed the line

5) The great help in Race Committee by, at various times, Shannon, Gretchen, Guillemette, and my dog Ace.

6) Huge thanks as well to Ben and Jen for hauling, setting up, and taking down the inflatable committee boat!

Congratulations to Kevin and Kara, just beating out Pat and Avery, for the regatta win!

See you all up there next year!
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Race 11Race 12Race 13Race 14Race 15Race 16
11275Kevin Richards & Kara Forman53OCS(13)7(20)1(21)3(24)4(28)1(29)1(30)2(32)2(34)1(35)3(38)3(41)3(44)1(45)3(48)5 (53)
2907Pat Whitmarsh & Avery Patton581(1)4(5)2(7)7(14)1(15)7(22)4(26)1(27)1(28)4(32)6(38)4(42)6(48)7(55)1(56)2 (58)
3741Sally Madsen & Adam Rothschild716(6)1(7)6(13)5(18)7(25)9(34)6(40)5(45)6(51)3(54)1(55)1(56)2(58)3(61)2(63)8 (71)
41314Phillip Laby & Mark Barrish/Guillemette Brouillat85OCS(13)9(22)4(26)2(28)3(31)4(35)5(40)DNS(53)4(57)6(63)2(65)8(73)4(77)2(79)5(84)1 (85)
5929Alex Mountjoy & Catherine King864(4)2(6)3(9)10(19)6(25)6(31)7(38)4(42)3(45)2(47)8(55)5(60)10(70)9(79)4(83)3 (86)
6560Rolf Kaiser & Gretchen Kaiser & Laura Corbitt932(2)8(10)5(15)9(24)8(32)3(35)9(44)3(47)8(55)7(62)7(69)2(71)1(72)6(78)6(84)9 (93)
71157-JVAdam Spiegel & Amy Guarnieri967(7)10(17)7(24)6(30)2(32)2(34)3(37)6(43)7(50)9(59)5(64)6(70)7(77)5(82)8(90)6 (96)
8598_bgBen Glass & Jen Glass973(3)6(9)8(17)1(18)5(23)10(33)2(35)9(44)DNS(57)5(62)4(66)7(73)5(78)4(82)7(89)4 (93)
91016-JVSteve Washington & Heather Washington & Sean McGinn1235(5)5(10)10(20)4(24)10(34)5(39)8(47)7(54)5(59)10(69)9(78)9(87)8(95)10(105)11(116)7 (123)
101260Daniel Emerson & AnnElise Emerson1638(8)3(11)9(20)8(28)9(37)8(45)10(55)8(63)9(72)DNS(85)DNS(98)DNS(111)DNS(124)DNS(137)DNS(150)DNS (163)
11946-JVJorge Moraleda & Dirk/Manoj1689(9)11(20)11(31)11(42)11(53)DNS(66)11(77)10(87)10(97)8(105)10(115)10(125)11(136)11(147)10(157)11 (168)
121051-JVJon Titchener & Page Flood17810(10)12(22)12(34)12(46)12(58)11(69)12(81)DNS(94)DNS(107)DNS(120)11(131)11(142)9(151)8(159)9(168)10 (178)
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