St. Francis Spring Dinghy at St. Francis Yacht ClubMarch 11 - 12
Well, the poorest showing at a regatta since Bob Ames first developed the V15 about 35 miles south of STFYC. (I'll save you the trouble- don't check these fact...)

The only conclusion that can come of this is the v15 fleet are either:
1- powder hounds- 2 feet of cold fresh snow lured a few of us to Squaw for the weeekend
2- we are fair weather sails- it there's rain in the forecast, we'd rather watch from the deck.
3- or the v15 fleet was smarter the STFYC- Spring Dinghy was about 5 weeks toooooooooooo early!!!

We'll have to change the season schedule to reflect a more competitive regatta for the championship series.

I wasn't there- but yes 2 feet of fresh snow- ask Holt!
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3
11317Harrison Turner & Rebecca Beard3111
21016Steve Washington & ???7322
3202Madhavan T & Natasha Baker8233
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