2006 Midwinters #2 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterFebruary 25
Gorgeous day in Clipper Cove...10-12 with gusts to 15, wind out of the west, just like Thursday Nights. A few capsizes and lots of fun! Next Midwinters (#3) is rescheduled for Saturday, March 18 at TI. Hope to see you there! Catherine
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
11317Harrison Turner & Ryan Benson81(1)1(2)2(4)2(6)2 (8)
2560Rolf Kaiser & Natasha Baker92(2)2(4)1(5)1(6)3 (9)
3929Alex Mountjoy & Catherine King183(3)3(6)8(14)3(17)1 (18)
4826Melissa Purdy & Rawle Feagin2611 (DNS)(11)4(15)3(18)4(22)4 (26)
51174Jay Palace & Lara Lundstrom277(7)5(12)4(16)6 (?OCS?)(27)5 (32)
6682KT Shum & Vanessa Allen305(5)6(11)5(16)7(23)7 (30)
79Rebecca Beard & Dave Holden364(4)11 (DNF)(15)6(21)9(30)6 (36)
8377Frank Rinaldi & Page Flood416(6)11 (DNF)(17)11 (DNS)(28)5(33)8 (41)
9946Jorge Moraleda & Marcelo Pando438(8)11 (DNF)(19)7(26)8(34)9 (43)
10875Bill Wright & Cheryl Lincoln5111 (DNS)(11)7(18)11 (DNS)(29)11 (DNS)(40)11 (DNS)(51)
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