Thursday Night Fleet Racing #13 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJune 30
With the fog hovering around Clipper Cove, the fleet saw a few new faces and new boats that all added up to a very close and tight night of racing. We were lucky to have V15 National Champ Luther Carpenter motivating Carisa back into the boat. David Byron, Cam Gear, Da Bennett's, and Seadon made visits back to the cove. David Anthes splashed his new boat, enlisting rockstar crew Rebecca.

Starting a few minutes late due to congestion at the corner of Ramp and Dock, the wind was up, dropping a few right shifts on our typlical modified sausage. (Im leaving that one open.) The cove dominator Nick once again showed us the fastest way taking the longer first race. After that is was the Kevin and Besty show- nailing the next three races by picking up on the righty shifts. Personally, I think it was karma coming back to Betsy her work constant work at TI and Kevin's efforts helping out the 29ers last weekend.

Results show very tight racing with multiple places only one point apart. On short races - not much opportunity to get back into the mix.

If you have ??? email me your names and I'll update. Sorry if I wrote scores wrong last night. Have a good 4th!
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
1#1275Kevin&Betsy63(3)1(4)1(5)1 (6)
2#474Nick&Katie191(1)3(4)2(6)13 (19)
3#8Tom&209(9)5(14)3(17)3 (20)
4#925Shawn&Debbie282(2)2(4)5(9)19(DNF) (31)
5#1325Seadon&Wheeler315(5)10(15)9(24)7 (31)
6#899Carisa&Luther347(7)12(19)7(26)8 (34)
7#740Lars&Mike344(4)7(11)4(15)19(DNF) (37)
8#55Jack&Gordon356(6)13(19)10(29)6 (35)
9#7Sarah&Little368(8)4(12)12(24)12 (36)
10#598noideawho-u-r3610(10)11(21)6(27)9 (36)
11#731Sessions&Avery3811(11)14(25)11(36)2 (38)
12#858Idiot&Emily4113(13)8(21)16(37)4 (41)
13#906Cam&Noah4915(15)9(24)20(DNF)(46)5 (51)
14#1016Steve&Paolo4916(16)6(22)17(39)10 (49)
15#929Alex&Page5218(18)15(33)8(41)11 (52)
16#163Kara&Geoff5514(14)16(30)20(DNF)(52)5 (57)
17#907Byron&Alexis6212(12)17(29)19(48)14 (62)
18#560Laura&Cam6820(20)18(38)13(51)17 (68)
19#6???7121(21)20(41)14(55)16 (71)
20#1157Adam&Amy7317(17)21(38)15(53)20(DNF) (75)
21#1177Joe&Kerim7419(19)19(38)18(56)18 (74)
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